Carbondale, IL

Position Desired

Software Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.



Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL - Bachelor of Science, Major in Computer Science, 2014
Honors: Current GPA 3.73, Dean’s List 2011, 2012, 2013

Past Projects:

Developed Database UI in C# that sharpened my skills in UI development, LINQ coding and C# code.
DNA sequence comparator in a Cloud environment that taught me the Cloud Computing Environment and fine-tuned my Python coding.
Mobile Android App that introduced me to Android Environment and Android SDK programming.
Autonomous Robotic Programming with the SIUC Robotics Club which taught me robotic motion, physics handling and entry level AI programming.
Video Game Project which taught me graphics programming, sharpening C++ programming, JavaScript scripting, MVC model, collisions, and further AI handling.
Course Highlights: Grid and Cloud Computing, Computer Architecture, Bioinformatics Programming, Database Systems Programming, Software Game Development, Advanced Algorithm Design, C# Programming, Software Engineering.

Current Projects:

Developing a 3D Video Game with two other students that will be used to teach people the basics of Computer programming.

Work Experience

United States Navy – San Diego, CA / Jacksonville, FL – Sonar Technician – Jun 2001 to Jun 2007
Maximum Rank: E-5
Perform preventative maintenance and troubleshoot and repair failing Sonar related computer equipment.
Maintain Joint Sonar Systems Tactical Hud.
Unix Coding
2 Naval Commendation Medals
INVERV Performance
Performance in Multi-National Joint Underwater Combat Exercises
Reason of Leaving: Only intended of enlisting for one t...

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