Worcester, MA

Position Desired

Systems Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, May 2005
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA

Related Courses and Certifications
• Level I & II Certified DoD Acquisition for “Systems Planning, Research, Development and Engineering, System Engineering”
• Level I Certified DOD Acquisition “Systems Planning, Research, Development and Engineering, Program Systems Engineer”
• Lean/Six Sigma Certification September 2008

Current and Past Positions

December 2011- Present ASA(ALT) Office of the Chief System Engineer, Future Technology Lead, Developmental Assignment
• Lead data management for the portfolio of science and technology efforts linked to multiple architectures, to keep acquisition community aware of developmental efforts in science and technology
• Participating and contributing member of the Weapon Systems Review for Integrated Base Defense and Basing Infrastructure
• Author of roadmaps linking science and technology to program of record systems for the Basing Infrastructure and Integrated Base Defense Architectures
• Author of ASA(ALT) Shortfall Analysis Report for Basing Infrastructure
• Developed system engineering processes for evaluating shortfalls and linking science and technology to architectures in Force Basing and Platforms
• Documented shortfall process results for the Force Basing architecture
• Built relationships with many PEOs, and other US Army organizations to work together on architecture and strategy
• Participated in the development of the Army System Engineering Management Plan developing the process for inclusion of science and technology.
• Recognized for leadership and accomplishments in the position by the US Army Chief System Engineer, Mr. Terry Edwards

July 2010- December 2011 RDECOM Integrated Base Defense Lead, Developmental Assignment
• Selected for position by Associate Director of Natick Soldier Research Development and Engineering Center
• Participated in high level discussion and planning meetings for the start of the US Army IBD response from science and technology through the fielding
• Represented RDECOM to the IBD community, including acquisition and science and technology
• Created a portfolio database of IBD related science and technology efforts within RDECOM
• Coordinated RDECOM command response to Joint User Operational Need Sta...

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