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Computer Engineering
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Career Summary: Senior Software Engineer (with Active Security Clearance) using design patterns and automated tests (TDD) to produce flexible, high quality software solutions.

Overwatch Tactical Operations, Austin, TX 8/2013-1/2014 Senior Software Engineer * Introduced QUnit tests for rapid regression testing of Java Script functions.
* Re-factored long-running algorithm, resulting in 52% reduction in processing time.
* Set-up test cases around legacy code to permit refactoring without introducing new defects.
* Expanded use of Test-Driven Development (TDD) to detect logic errors in existing code.
* Applied Defect Density Analysis to highlight candidates for refactoring to reduce maintenance time.

Mapshots Inc, Cumming, GA 6/2013-7/2013 Consultant
* Worked on a Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) extension for a short-term project.
* Developed Window Forms to aid exporting of system data.
* Edited and stored data in SQL Server database.

Cerner, Kansas City, MO 1/2013-5/2013 Consultant
* Wrote User Control to display data uniformly across forms.
* Developed WPF forms using MVP pattern to provide testable code.
* Created styles to give consistent appearance to Windows forms.
* Wrote automated software tests for business rules in the Presenter and Model areas.
* Re-factored code to increase testability.
* Modified XAML to give application new functionality.
* Moved code out of the Code Behind file into the Presenter.
* Used NMock2 to mock out dependencies to aid automated software tests.

Brogden Enterprises Inc., Huntsville, AL 9/2012-12/2012 Lead Developer
* Decomposed WPF project into functional areas and assigned work.
* Developed project requirements.
* Created prototypes to verify functionality.
* Wrote automated software tests to prevent regression of functionality.
* Interfaced with client to determine new requirements.

John Deere ISG, Urbandale, IA 9/2011-9/2012 Consultant
* Used Test Driven Development (TDD) to produce software quickly for applications.
* Added functionality using Visual Studio 2010 to Desktop Application using web-service supplied data and SQLite Database.
* Designed and authored Error Handler using Strategy Pattern to permit advanced diagnostics for advanced users using C#.
* Wrote several GUI XAML (WPF) forms for application.
* Detected and eliminated defects in WCF and Web Service code.
* Used MOQ to simulate dataflow from databases and services.
* Introduced using Builder pattern as Best Practice to allow upgrading without erasure of current functionality.
* Wrote a utility to analyze Method Signatures and to automatically write test cases for boundary conditions.

Intertech, Minneapolis, MN5/2011-8/2011 ASP.NET Developer
* Developed ASP.NET web pages using MVC 3 for client.
* Maintained legacy C# applications using Visual Studio 2005.

State of Iowa, Iowa Medicaid Enterprise, Des Moines, IA 11/2010-5/2011 ASP.NET Developer
* Interacted with SQL Server 2008 database.
* Developed application to automatically adjust schedules per State Business Rules and constraints.
* Utilized Test-Driven tests to install quality in application.
* Wrote VB.Net code using Strategy Pattern in allow different behavior modes per caller.
* Authored web pages (ASP.NET) code-behind, to allow user interaction with SQL Server database.
* Automated 137 test cases to safeguard against regression defects and to exercise 90% of code in 3 seconds.
* Incorporated Chain of Responsibility Pattern to allow addition of new Business Rules to existing code in less than 15 minutes.
* Wrote JavaScript functions to add functionality to web pages.
* Developed QUnit Regression tests to quickly scan software for defects.
* Created LINQ2SQL queries for database operations.
* Analyzed legacy code and proposed recommendations to make software testable.

Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Des Moines, IA 7/2005-11/2010 Senior Software Engineer
* Developed SQL statements to retrieve data from SQL Server.
* Used Agile Driven Methodology to deliver software features to the customer every 3 weeks instead of 3 to 6 months.
* Built hundreds of automated tests, (+80% code coverage) which allowed thorough testing of code in less than 60 seconds.
* Created program to automatically produce NUnit test cases and to reduce time needed for test case generation by 50%.
* Since post-delivery maintenance accounts for 70-80% of budget, used Commonality and Variability Analysis to identify code with high probability of future modification and used Design Patterns (Strategy, State Machine, and Factory) to build flexibility in code to quickly incorporate changes.
* Collaborated with Business Analysts to produce Concept of Operations (CONOPs) to reduce ambiguity about requirements.
* Produced both client and services software in C# (WCF) to implement project requirements.
* Developed Windows applications using design patterns i.e. Strategy, Abstract Factory, Chain of Responsibility, Composition, Bridge, and Builder to promote scalability and simplicity for code maintenance and defect repair.
* Produced effort estimates using Microsoft Project scheduling.
* 4+ years of building applications using relational databases including Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase.
* Used DevExpress controls to display data and allow clients to interact with data.
* Wrote VB.Net application to tabulate bio-tech product data automatically from SQL Server database (ADO.Net).
* Originated several C# applications to aid scientists in the retrieval of genetic data from Sybase database.
* Rewrote JAVA libraries into C# using Builder design pattern to permit scalability.
* Produced both front and backend code for client-server. Rockwell Collins, Cedar Rapids, IA 6/2004-7/2005 Software Engineer, Airborne Network Software
* Designed C program to configure embedded airborne network nodes according to constraints of FAA DO-178B (Flight-Critical) software development process.
* Ensured software-to-requirements traceability per FAA DO-178B software development process.
* Participated in Peer Reviews to produce high quality code.
* Used Clear Case application for configuration control.
* Authored Unified Modeling Language (UML) designs to model software requirements.
* Used Class Responsibility Collaborator (CRC) analysis to identify relationships between DOORs requirements.
* Derived DOORs database requirements to prevent indeterminate software states.

Northrop-Grumman Electronic Systems, Azusa, CA9/2003-6/2004 Contractor
* Authored Lab View program to automate software documentation of Sp...

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