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Karayiannis | Resume Details | New York Jobs


Douglaston, NY

Position Desired

Systems Engineering
Anywhere in CT; Anywhere in MD; Anywhere in NJ; Anywhere in NY; Anywhere in VA



An extremely diverse professional with lifelong curiosity, determination, zeal for technology and innovation combined with the desire to acquire further insight, brought forth my career choices. A diligent self-starter, creative and highly motivated individual with a strong devotion to team work.

College Laboratory Technician, ECET Department
 Maintain and repair all electronic laboratory equipment including FPGA development boards, oscilloscopes, signal generators and powers supplies
 Manage, maintain and upgrade servers, switches, routers, firewalls and workstations

09/02 – present NEW YORK LANGUAGE CENTER, Limassol, Cyprus
System/Network Administrator / Consultant
 Performed analysis, architecture and design of entire Network from top-down
 Installed Windows Server 2008, Active Directory, Drivers & Win7 on Workstations
 Maintain OS upgrades, updates, Service Packs, migration to newer platforms
 Currently administrate and maintain all services, network infrastructure, dual WAN Cisco Routers, Smart Switches, RAID 6 SAN, PoE APs/WLANs, Print Servers, UPSs, automated on-site and remote-site backups, Staff and Student Workstations
 Configured VLAN Switch Trunks, Link Aggregation, DHCP and DNS Servers, MAC Address Filtering, TCP/IP and UDP Port Forwarding, Firewall Policies, Network Security via SPI of Incoming/Outgoing Internet Traffic and Restrictions.
 Setup VPN Tunnels and Security Protocols to link multiple branch locations
 Setup Acronis Enterprise Server and developed scripts to perform overnight re-imaging of Workstation Operating Systems to ensure optimal performance
 Continuous Monitoring of Network Performance using SNMP and Network Tools and initiate corrective actions and implementation of QoS.
 Created documentation of network architecture, tutorials and user manuals for staff

Manufacturing Quality Engineer / Consultant
 Generated inspection check-sheets, performed physical inspection of aerospace assemblies and mechanical components per design drawings and functionality.
 Proposed design changes via the generation of ‘Material Discrepant Reports’ where discrepancies were identified between latest design drawing and production.
 Performed First Article Inspection and generated/revised reports

10/09 – 02/12 TELEPHONICS CORPORATION, Huntington. NY
Engineer II
 Designed and implemented prototypes, experimental circuitry and schematics to describe and illustrate the system's operating characteristics, deviations from design specifications and functional limitations. Constructed Product and Engineering Change Notices to support product improvements due to design changes, failure trends, quality improvements and product enhancements as a result of research and development
 Analyzed designs at the board and system level and created detailed Test Strategy Reports and Flow Diagrams to assist Test Technicians in quicker and more accurate failure identification. Developed test techniques and incorporated JTAG and Boundary Scan Test Profiles for the testing of complex digital circuits containing BGA FPGAs
 Designed and developed custom databases, charts, graphs, excel spreadsheets to collect failure data from Test Incident Reports and provide test failure analysis and statistical information to issue corrective actions, alternative solutions, workarounds modifications to Standard Operating Procedures and prioritization of actions
 Generated White-papers, edited and modified Test Studio profiles, software and automated scripts for faster, more accurate and efficient testing to decrease Cost Performance Indicators and eliminate software test escapes on SRAs which later failed at the system level and the next higher assemblies.
 Performed final sell-offs with Lockheed Martin for product assurance and performed Software sell-offs with Telephonics internal Software Quality
 Responsible for Teradyne Automated Software Improvements, updates, maintaining revisions, custodial and Configuration Management
 Quoted, Designed and Managed the fabrication of test racks for a multi-million dollar Air Traffic Control Program by the Federal Aviation Administration
 Fulfilled the role of the Technical lead for Test Engineering, oversaw a team of 6 ‘Senior Test Technicians’ and ‘Engineering Associates’, provided guidance, technical support, critical decision making whenever problems were encountered to ensure on-time deliveries. Served as a liaison and interface between Hardware and Software Quality, Production Test, Manufacturing, Vendors, Sub-contractors, Test Engineering, Design & Software Engineering, Production Control and PMO
 Managed all phases and logistics of existing multi-year and new radar programs including Statement of Work, project bidding, budgeting, kickoff meetings, Preliminary and Critical Design Reviews, Technical Interchange Meetings, Prototype, First Product Inspection, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Documentation, Development of Acceptance Test Procedures, Training Material and Maintenance Procedures

01/08 – 10/09 Senior Technician
 Involved in the manufacturing of Multi-mode Radar Systems for military aircraft, Defense and Aerospace applications
 Evaluated reliability and qu...

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