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jferrand11 | Resume Details | New York Jobs


Teaneck, NJ

Position Desired

Systems Engineering
Anywhere in NJ; Anywhere in NY


Obtain a challenging position as a System Administrator with emphasis on applying and expanding my knowledge with a company utilizing current technologies
Systems Administrator, The Gem Group, Inc; Lawrence, MA - 2007 - present
• Act as a System Administrator with concentration on supporting and expanding production environments, taking responsibility for, and engaging in; IT operations, infrastructure design, implementation, monitoring, troubleshooting, consultation, vendor and project management.
• Provide support of data-center, including networking (Cisco & HP), network security (Cisco), SAN and server infrastructure (VMware, Win2008, Win2003, Linux) and Active Directory. Work to create a high availability, high performance, and secure infrastructure. Support associated data backup and recovery technologies.
• Manage and implement security-related technologies. Help develop and implement security policies and maintain adherence to security best practices.
• Manage and implement projects; new implementations, upgrades, troubleshooting, requirements analysis, vendor selections, with documentation procedures and training.
• Implement hardware and software solutions from various vendors. Server setups, PC imaging, appliance installs, testing, upgrades, troubleshooting, etc.
• Provide hardware and software support for corporate and remote offices, including end user support, networking, phone systems, software management and delivering outstanding customer service.
• Create and maintain reference documentation; technical procedures, Visio diagrams,
checklists, etc.
• Conduct technology training and mentor other members of the team.
Helpdesk Technician, Sajoma Music Center; Lawrence, MA - 2003 - 2007
• Provide administrative support for the day to day operation of the IT Support Center
• Customer Support including blackberry support, RSA, WebEx, go-to-assist, Iphone.
Maintain knowledge of the principles, methods, and techniques used in information system troubleshooting and support. Maintain knowledge of related hardware and software.
• Answer Customer Support Questions.
• Resolve Network Related Issues (Internet Connectivity, Printers, and Resource).
• Monitor and respond to hardware and software problems utilizing a variety of hardware
and software testing tools and techniques.
• Install and configure applications software and related hardware (such as desktops, and related peripherals like printers, scanners, drives, monitors and video t ele...

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