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Job seeker

Chicago, IL

Position Desired

Systems Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


To be an active & excellent employee in your organization and to express and develop my professional skills for the mutual benefit of the company and myself.

University of Minnesota Duluth UMD
Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering July 2012
Current GPA: 3.69/4.00

Arbaminch University, Ethiopia
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering July 2008
GPA: 3.42/4.00

Systems: Unix, Linux, Windows, Dos
Language: C, C++, C#, HTML, Assembly, Visual Basic
Software: Spice, Dreamwaver, Adobe Photoshop, MS Office Suite, Matlab, Auto CAD

Title: Laser-Based Stethoscope
To transform the acoustic signal from the conventional stethoscope to the optical signal, and make the heart beat “visible”. Basic strategy used is to analyze heartbeat through the scattering pattern of the laser source from the diaphragm attached to the chest skin. The vibration of the diaphragm is produced by the acoustic pressure from the heartbeat signal.

Product Development Engineer, Sr., Navistar Inc., June 2012 - Present
• Software level feature testing
• Writing and executing design verification
• Product validation, integration and evaluation.
• Create test plan for new feature release.

Teaching Assistant, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UMD, Sep 2010- June 2012
• Design and prepare course material for undergraduate courses, Linear Control System, Digital communication.
• Prepare grade homework problems and laboratory assignments.
• Conduct recitation sessions and laboratory practice.

Network Security Engineer, Information Network Security Agency, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Aug 2008-Aug 2010
• Engineer and implement solutions on a wide variety of data network ...

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