Fairhope, AL

Position Desired

Electrical Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


I am Scott Klein; I am diligently seeking a rewarding and challenging career in Instrumentation and Controls Systems. I have laboratory experience with P.L.C.’s, Virtual Instrumentation using Lab View and I have also completed the Modern Controls Systems class at the University of South Alabama. Also, I have ten months of industrial maritime experience as an engineering intern at Hiller Systems in Mobile, Al. Through this experience, I have gained knowledge of and become familiar with 46 C.F.R., A.B.S., D.N.V., S.O.L.A.S., Lloyd's Registries, engineering practices and regulatory rules. I am also a veteran with an honorable discharge. I would greatly appreciate any opportunity to gain experience and offer my education, as well as my problem solving skills to achieve company objectives and contribute to the growth of your organization.

University of South Alabama
Bachelors Degree of Electrical Engineering
2013 May 11

• Notable Classes: Programmable Logic Controls Laboratory, Virtual Instrumentation LabView, Modern Control Systems, Power Systems, Electromechanical Energy Conversion, Electric Machines

• Senior Project: Design and Construct a LabView operated Proportional Integral and Derivative controller that regulates the internal temperature of a completely enclosed system. The system components include: a data acquisition module, the oven and two servos were purchased already assembled; while the remaining components of the system were constructed with the help and strict guidance of Dr. Thomas a...

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