Memphis, TN

Position Desired

Computer Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Education:University of Mississippi, University, MS
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering May 2014
Major: Electrical Engineering with Computer Engineering emphasis
Major GPA: 3.81;
Financed a significant portion of my college education through work and scholarships
Member of the Sally McDonald Barksdale Honors College
Internship Experience:
University of Mississippi Computer Science Department, University, MS 2012, 2013
Research Assistant
• Researched and wrote platform independent facial recognition software.
• Skills learned include proficiency in the C and JavaScript languages, knowledge of the WebGL pipeline, and specialized implementation of the OpenGL Shading Language.
Eye Specialty Group, Memphis, TN Summer 2012, Winter 2012
Systems Management Intern
• Created infrastructure to administrate more than 50 Dell WYSE terminals.
• Streamlined network processes, decreasing traffic by around 33% and improving network performance on all systems.
• Performed daily maintenance and routine fixes for around 100 employees at any given time.
Work Experience:
Freelance Programming Jobs, Germantown, TN 2007-present
Self Employed
• Developed a new kind of biometric authentication system for mobile security, exponentially decreasing the likelihood of a successful attack on the system.
• Developer for several major open source projects, one with over 150,000 individual users.
• Proficiencies include Java, C, JavaScript, Assembly Language, and Python.
• Subject area was primarily related to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cryptanalysis, and Game Development.
University of Mississippi Computer Science Department, University, MS 2012, 2013
Lab Teacher’s Assistant
• Administered lab assignments to over 120 students.
• Assisted students with assignments, tutoring services, and grading exercises.
Official Department Tutor
• Assisted students...

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