Larchmont, NY

Position Desired

Computer Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


To obtain a position as a Computer Engineer which will utilize my skills in design and analysis to implement hardware and low-level software solutions. Available June 2014.

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Rochester, NY
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, expected May 2014
Cumulative GPA: 3.58 (4.0) Professional GPA: 3.50 (4.0)

Digital IC Design
Multidisciplinary Senior Design I & II
Computer Vision
Reconfigurable Computing (VHDL)
Interface and Digital Electronics
Digital Systems Design (VHDL)
Digital Signal Processing
Data and Computer Communications

Technical Skills:
Languages: C, C++, Java, Assembly (HCS12, MIPS), Matlab, VHDL
Applications: Quartus II, CodeWarrior, ModelSim, Eclipse, Microsoft Office,
Xilinx ISE, Pyxis Schematic and Layout, Visual Studio
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Unix


Multidisciplinary Senior Design I & II, Fall 2013/Spring 2014
- Developing an underwater acoustics communication system for Boeing
- Responsible for creating and testing all software systems and sub-systems, and for interfacing microcontrollers with receiver/transmitter hardware

Reconfigurable Computing, Fall 2013
- Designed a synthesizable median filter in VHDL

Digital Systems Design, Fall 2012
- Designed a synthesizable vending machine controller in VHDL

Interface and Digital Electronics, Fall 2012
- Created a heartbeat monitor utilizing a phototransistor to read pulses, analog...

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