Rochester, NY

Position Desired

Systems Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.



 Databases: Revised various .XML files and created data input files using a database generator; utilized input files to create databases and restored new databases using SQL Server.
 Design: Created and configured track layouts, tracks, signals, and links, by using client builder and Visio programs.
 Documentation: Technical writer of numerous specification and equipment documents; developed training PowerPoint presentations and user manuals, in both Spanish and English.
 Management: Served as document manager for the entire Mexico Project at ALSTOM, as well as overseeing hundreds of requirements and bugs while densely organizing to ensure QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery).


ALSTOM- Rochester, NY 2011- 2014
ALSTOM offers systems, services, and equipment for the rail transportation industry around the globe. Specifically, the location in Rochester provides signaling and train control systems for existing train systems.

Systems Engineer/Application Engineer
Managed and resolved 60+ user interface issues through database configuration/ preparation by modifying multiple .XML files and utilizing personal/project tracking records to ensure on-time completion for field testers
Designed new station on the user interface using a client builder program to create tracks, signals, links and to apply data bits; completed project ahead of schedule to ensure proper factory tests regarding the station.

Systems Engineer
Managed, implemented, and resolved 350+ requirements and change requests regarding our user interface product ahead of schedule, by maintaining precise records of various versions of client requests.
Created and implemented 70+ documents and AutoCAD drawings, through communication with Paris and Mexico; thoroughly organized personal/project trackers/ emails and phone calls, which was heavily required by the positi...

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