Ann Arbor, MI

Position Desired

Computer Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.



M.S. Computer Science & Engineering University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (2012-2014)
* GPA towards degree: 3.59 (4.00 scale). Courses: Adv. Compilers, AI, Computer Architecture, Parallel Computer Architecture,
Microarchitecture, Embedded Control Systems, Adv. Cryptography, Intelligent Interactive Systems
* B.S. Computer Science & Engineering Sharif University of Technology, Tehran (2008-2012)
Cumulative GPA: 3.77 (4.00 scale), (Sharif University of Technology is the best engineering school in Iran.)


* Clang Extension: Developed additional functionality and optimizations (Summer `13)
for an specialized SIMD vectorizing compiler in Clang, under supervision of Prof. Mahlke.
* Power Efficient GPU Architecture Using Warp-Level Redundancy Removal (Winter `13)
Developed a new technique for increasing energy efficiency of GPUs using GPGPU-Sim,
which can save up to 11.5% of total core power by eliminating warp level redundancy.
* VeriComplex (Fall `12)
Designed and synthesized an out-of-order 2-way superscalar R10K-style processor in SystemVerilog.
* Automated Flow of Soft Error Injection and Analysis: Developed a fully automated parallel flow (Winter `12)
of injecting METs (Multiple-Event-Transients) to Verilog description of a circuit, mixed-signal co-simulating
and analyzing behavior of the faulty circuit, plus reporting statistics for fault manifestations and maskings.
* Cell Sudoku-Solver (Winter `11)
Developed a parallel Sudoku-solver application for Cell microprocessor, utilizing CBE vectorization and its parallel
communication features.

Honors & Awards

* Awarded the University of Michigan EECS Department graduate fellowship (2012)
* Ranked Top 5 among Hardware Engineering students at Sharif University of Technology (2008-2012)


* Graduate Student Instructor University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Winter `14)
Assisting Prof. Chen for ENGR 100 (Microprocessors and Toys).
* Graduate Student Instructor University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Fall `13)
Working with Prof. Brehob on cours...

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