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Computer Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.



Candor of successful projects implementations within OpenText and Enterprise Content Management technology with strong background in business process and technology providing an ideal mix of management, analytical and technical capabilities for more than 13 years.
Experienced in quickly understanding complex project objectives, generating project scope documentation, building stakeholder consensus to delivery agile approach. Able to mitigate and resolve issues, re-establish project momentum throughout all collaborators including end users, technicians, engineers, subject matter experts as well as management.
Recognized for focus on cost reduction by negotiating pricing and by optimizing fees while ensuring the continuation and enhancements of services, meeting aggressive deadlines, fostering the team, Mr. Lim's motto is to provide business users instant access to information and knowledge that have accumulated in multiple files of all standards over the years, and quickly communicate the right information to transform such information into business results.

Areas of Expertise
Leading Change
Bring about strategic change, both within and outside the organization, to meet organizational goals (Creativity & Innovation, External Awareness, Flexibility, Resilience, Strategic Thinking and Vision).
Leading People
Lead people toward meeting the organization's vision, mission and goals.
Provide an inclusive workplace that fosters the development of others, facilitates cooperation and teamwork, and supports constructive resolution of conflicts (Conflict Management, Leveraging Diversity, Developing Others and Team building).
Results Driven
Make decisions that produce high-quality results by applying technical knowledge, analyzing problems, and calculating risks (Accountability, Customer Service, Decisiveness, Entrepreneurship and Problem Solving).
Building Coalitions
Build coalitions internally and with partners to achieve common goals (Partnering,
Influencing and Negotiating).

Technology and Methodology Experience
Architecture and Infrastructure: for OpenText Content Server and Archive Server solution, Enterprise Search, Enterprise Collaboration and Communication
OpenText Server Applications: Content Server 10.2, Livelink 9.7.1 and older, Archive Server 10.1.1, Archiving Bridge, Utility Server
Modules: Enterprise Connect, Classifications, Directory Services, Discussions, Forms, Workflows, MultiFile Output, Object Exporter, Object Importer, Records Management, Email services, Physical Objects, Recycle Bin, LiveReport, Directory Walker, Application Governance & Archiving for Microsoft SharePoint, ImageLink, Autovue
Upgrade Tools: Upgrade Companion, OTUpdateAnalyzer, Oscript Conflict Reporting, Performance Profiling, Logs Analysis, System Cloning, DB Schema Comparison, INI Comparison, Cluster Control, Patch Application, INI Settings Migration, UTF-8 Fixes, OT Go Live
Services: Capacity Planning, Database Health Check, Index Tuning
Premier Tools: Capacity Planning, Performance Analyzer, Check Livelink, Clear Edit Workflow Volume, Deleted User Cleanup, Logging Administration Utility, Monitoring Extensions, Multiple Workflow Agents, Oscript Object Viewer, OpenText.ini Compare, Permission Viewer, SQL Server No Locking, SysReport Directory Viewer, User Recycle Bin.
Partner Modules: Bulk Exporter and Bulk Loader (Syntergy), BluBaker (EMC2), SAW ImageLink, Thumbnail Server.
Enterprise Content Management Applications and tools: Content Server, Livelink, SharePoint, Alfresco, Filenet, Enterprise Search (SharePoint Fast, Coveo and Constellio), Enterprise Communication (Lync), Enterprise Collaboration (SharePoint and Microsoft solutions), PDF tools, Kofax Capture and VRS, IMDS Ad'Doc IIM, high volume scanners series, Oracle RM, Siebel CRM, ARIS, Action Request System (Remedy), Dynamics CRM, Brava reader.
Windows Server: 2003 and 2008 R2
Office Automation: Microsoft Office and Outlook, Lotus Notes, Libre Office
Web Development: Microsoft FrontPage, HTML, Office 365, Google Sites
Network Systems: extensive knowledge in all aspects of wired and wireless networking inclusive not limited to DSL/Cable, Ethernet/Token Ring, Wireless 802.11b/g, VoIP, VPN, Polycom, PictureTel, and Cisco IPVC Videoconferencing.
Desktop and Host Systems: IBM, Compaq/HP, Microsoft Server / Active Directory, Linux Ubuntu, EMC VMware, Apple devices and OS, Mobile devices and OS
Storage Monitoring: for OpenText Content Server and Archive Server
Methodology: Macroscope, Oracle AIM (Architecture Implementation Method), ITIL, Lean
Capture Center: Kofax Capture, VRS, Adrenaline card, Fujitsu fi-5950 (high volume), 4220 or 6110, or 7260 series (flatbed), Panassonic KV S-4065 or 1025 series, 7075 (flatbed), Canon DR-X10 series, G1100 series, 5600F (flatbed), Large Plan: Contex HD5450 (plan scanner)


HCL America @ Chemtura (Middlebury, CT), from July 8, 2013 to March 25, 2014
HCL is an Indian leading global Technology and IT Enterprise with annual revenues of US$ 6.4 billion.
OpenText Technical Architect
Responsible for the consolidation of the OpenText Content Server system and for the development of the evolution of the infrastructure.
Audited and analyzed current and past issues
Reviewed the architecture and defined a new one
Coordinated the resolution of the issues with the vendor based on the priority of the issues and the impacts for the users
Recommended the repurposing of the old Livelink servers as new Admin Servers (cloning the Content Server, adding new partitions, making the backup of the partitions, removing the partitions from the Default Server), using the kaizen process for the improvement  of the ECM solution
Consolidated the stability and the performance of the system
Implemented the daily check and the monthly reporting (content and information dashboard)
Developed a tool to evaluate the new infrastructure requirements (approved by the vendor Health Check) and an ECM Maturity Model (based on Gartner and Forrester models)
Participated to the migration of Contracts from SharePoint to the Content Server (Syntergy tools)
Elaborated the plan and the strategy of the OpenText application Data Center migration (technical requirements, database and data storage replication, backup and roll back plan, test and validation scripts)

FUJITSU from March 15, 2005 to June 24, 2013
Fujitsu is a Japanese multinational information technology, equipment and services. It is the world's third-largest IT services provider measured by revenues (after IBM and HP) and is the second oldest IT company after IBM.

Fujitsu @ Ministry of Transport of Quebec (MTQ), from April to June 2013
OpenText Livelink Architect
Achieved the upgrade of Livelink 9.5 to Livelink 9.7.1 in Sandbox and in the Development environments
Reviewed the architecture and the infrastructure with the Architects Team
Communicated the issues to the management
Validated the feasibility and the issues detected from old envi...

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