Myrtle Creek, OR

Position Desired

Nuclear Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Career Status
I am a recent graduate from the ABET accredited MSNE and BSNE programs of Oregon State University and am seeking employment in the nuclear engineering industry.

Skills and Abilities
• Design and Engineering: Experience modeling, simulating, and troubleshooting experimental reactor core designs and test facilities. Experience using and reading diagrams of engineering facilities for design purposes.

• Technical Writing: On the job experience writing technical reports for ongoing and completed scientific research. Experience writing SBIR grant contract phase I and II proposals for nuclear and non-nuclear research.

• Coding, Simulation and Basic Software: Knowledge of Matlab, SolidWorks, and other programming languages and CAD programs. In-depth knowledge and first hand use of finite element numerical models. Limited experience with, but possessing in-depth knowledge of, CASMO, MCNP and HELIOS for neutronic analysis. Expert in the use of Word, Excel, and these programs’ often used counterparts.

• Experimentation and Analysis: Able to do basic and advanced levels of data analysis, as shown by my course work and job experience. On the job experience building test stands and conducting experiments for phase I SBIR projects.

• Radiation Work: Understanding of, and experience with, radiation detection equipment for experiments and research. Passed the DOE rad worker 1 test and training.

• Communication Abilities: Capable of, and experience with, oral and written presentations, and other forms of effective communication processes. On the job experience in writing reports for ongoing and completed research projects.



Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR
MS in Nuclear Engineering
GPA 3.57
Graduated on 12, June 2013

Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR
BS in Nuclear Engineering
GPA 3.14
Graduated on 12, June 2010

Course Work for Graduate Degree
Thermodynamics of Solids, Thermal Instrumentation, Advanced Radiation Detection and Measurement, Advanced Reactor Physics, Reactor Thermo Hydraulics, Thermodynamics of Materials, Advanced Computational Mechanics, Safety Analysis, Radiation Damage to Materials, Fluid Flow Analysis, Advanced Power Generation Systems.

Course Work for Undergraduate Degree
Neutronic Analysis I, II, Physics I, II, III, Thermodynamics I, II, Radiation Protection, Calculus I, II, III, IV, Numerical Analysis, Nuclear & Rad Physics I, II, III, Heat and Mass Transfer I, II, Reactor Design I, II, Material Science


Senior Project: I worked with a team of students to analyze the behavior of a test facility for the Westinghouse AP1000. My particular job was to model the simulator’s reactor core using SolidWorks and to help write the technical papers involved. After much hard work and effort working on my own and as a part of the team we finished the project with top marks.

Master of Science Thesis: My thesis was a solo project undertaken with the guidance of my thesis advisor. The focus was on designing and simulating a test facility for a heat pipe coupled and cooled 1kW electric space nuclear reactor and its radiator array. The modelling was done using SolidWorks’ Flow Simulation add-in and an independent flow analysis software called STELLA.

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