Miami, FL

Position Desired

Safety Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.



Curriculum Vitae

Personal Info:

And Place of birth: , Volgograd, Russia

Nationality: Russian

Full Address: pr. Mira 49-40; Elabuga; resp. Tatarstan; Russia

Mob tel.: 321 5378109

Foreign Languages:

Russian – native

English – good

Education History

Name of school/college Years attended Qualifications

Kazan national technological

research university 2005-2011 ENGINEER

Career Objective: Engineer

A position as an active employee involving responsibility working with others as a team member to achieve advancement and growth for the company


Engineer of workplace and equipment safety 6 years.

Overseeing that all equipment (e.g. load -lifting and chemistry equipments, elevators) was up and running,ensures oil or other chemical spill response equipment is ready for immediate use and is properly stowed and marked. Responsible for keeping the maintenance and inventory records of the equipment in the maintenance program, and shall ensure proper documentation and replacement as required by applicable regulation and internal rules.

6 years in military equipment manufacturing.

Supervising 2000+ employees.

Work with gas balloon tyre and every 3 mounts check all equipment, check date expired.

Every 3 months provides technical training with members who working in factory duties in their assigned responsibilities, trains embers on new policies, procedures and systems.

Checking garbage separation, pollution control equipment, ineffective procedures, inability to meet recycling goals.

Read technical journals and manuals, attend seminars, participates in professional activities to maintain current skills and knowledge and current on new technologies for programs and practices, calibrate all value with the manufacturer's instruction.

Working as administrator my responsibilities it's delivered wow people and founded decision any problems, talk with guest etc.

Work History:

2006-2011: Factory Ele...

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