Racine, WI

Position Desired

Mechanical Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering May, 2015
GPA: 3.91/4.00

Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering December, 2013

US Citizen

Software: MATLAB, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, C/C++, Java, Microsoft Office, MasterCAM 7
Machining Tools: Manual Milling Machine, Lathe, Drill Press, Laser Cutter, Band Saw
Language: Mandarin Chinese (Fluent), English (Native Speaker), Spanish (Introductory), Japanese (Introductory)

Numerical Methods in Engineering
Bio-Inspired Robotics
Aerial Robotics
Soft Robotics
Biomechatronic Systems for Humans
Mechatronic Design
Material Selection for Mechanical Engineers

Mechatronic Design Window Washer Robot Spring 2015
•Designed and built a window washing robot to clean a 5’ by 6’window with an interdisciplinary team
•Devised and utilized a window attachment method by actuating a passive suction cup
•Achieved 2nd place out of six teams in competition against other robots in the class

Axiall Salt Collection Project Spring 2015
•Preformed feasibility study of a salt recollection process and deemed it profitable
•Asked and received quotes for components from machinery suppliers
•Presented results to Axiall department heads who were satisfied with the amount of detail in the report

Soft Soles Pedometer Spring 2015
•Prototyped a pressure and force sensor using soft materials such as carbon grease and silicone tubing
•Integrated sensor into a pedometer by embedding sensor into sole gel and connecting to a microcontroller

Deployable Wing UAV Fall 2014
•Designed wing deployment mechanism for an UAV with deployable wings
• Manufactured a flyable prototype with midair wing deployment
• Flew prototype successfully from ground and after being tossed from top of ladder
Biomechatronic Exoskeleton Soft Sensor Fall 2013
•Designed and evaluated microfluidic channel soft sensor viability
•Manufactured PDMS sensors using 3D-printed molds and laser-cut parts

Design I: Robot’s Grippers Spring 2013
•Designed, as a part of a five member team, a robotic pincer to grasp and hold a ceramic cup
•Constructed over ten SolidWorks parts for assembly visualization and FEA
•Manufactured six parts of gripper using machining tools, laser cutter,...

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