Toronto, ON

Position Desired

Computer Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Objective: A challenging position in the field of VLSI systems, particularly testing or
design in a manufacturing or consulting environment
Education:  Completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering (BEng)
with Honors at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada
 CPGA: 3.78/4.33
 Date of graduation: June 4, 2014
 Relevant courses: Advanced Computer Architecture, VLSI Design for
Testing, Advanced Computer Networks, Low Power Digital CMOS
Circuits, Digital Systems Engineering, Hardware Software Co-Design of
Embedded Systems
 Relevant Projects: Design and Implementation of a Direct Mapped Cache
Controller, Design and Implementation of a Multi-Channel Network on
Chip to be used for a Multimedia Application
 Proficient in Microsoft Office including Microsoft Visio and Project
 Experience using Altera and Xilinx FPGAs and the Quartus and Xilinx ISE
design tools
 Experience performing transistor level and layout design using Cadence
 Experience in C, Java and VHDL Programming
 Some experience with SystemC
 Some experience with shell and batch scripting
 Experience with Assembly Code for the HCS12 Series of Microcontrollers
and MIPS 32 processor
 Some experience with the ARM Keil IDE Tool and ARM RTX Real Time
May 2012—Aug. 2013 PEY Hardware Validation Engineering
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)—Markham, Ontario, Canada
 Performed diagnostics and benchmarks on various Graphics ASICs
 Ran diagnostics to test features such as Dynamic Power Management,
Universal Video Decode, Video Codec Engine and to qualify GDDR5
Memory and Redundancy Blocks as well as general Display Validation
 Reviewed and helped revise old test plans to be current with latest
graphics products
 Filed any issues found with the ASIC and performed debug experiments
with debug teams to resolve them
 Was responsible for a small lab and dealt with inventory as well as
managing what equipment went to outside teams
 Worked closely with other te...

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