Norristown, PA

Position Desired

Chemical Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.



Drexel University
Philadelphia, PA
Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering
June 2011
Cumulative GPA: 3.49

Received personal letter of invitation to major or minor in Mathematics from Department Head based on excellence of freshman year performance



Conshohocken, PA
Photovoltaics - R&D Technician
December 2014

Maintaining and augmenting skill set while continuing to seek engineering role
Quickly gaining proficiency in new techniques – milling, screen printing, electrical testing
Performing all batching, processing, and testing for experimental PV pastes and constructing complete analytical packages, authoring presentation material
Acting as a resource for continual improvement of best practices and training new personnel

Merck & Co. Inc.
West Point, PA
Viral Vaccine Process Development
Associate Scientist, Engineering
July 2011 through December 2013

Managed injectable diluent selection project, defined and executed experiments assessing compatibility with both vaccine and packaging. Brought project from conception to final phase of component selection.
Functioned as a resource for practical experiment execution assisting those less experienced in the lab thus expediting completion of GMP formulation study.
Elzone Particle Size Analysis Technology
Collaboratively designed and lead execution of a DOE using Lean Six Sigma methods. This established sample handling procedures to enable fast throughput testing of viral vaccine potency.
Authored SOP on instrument use and established instrument cleaning methods.
Troubleshooting: Identified Elzone-use problems, discerned causes, and evaluated candidate solutions with focus on statistical significance of results.
Collaboratively developed scaled down lyophilization cycle for live virus formulation and optimized to reduce overall cycle time.
Authored and presented 45min tutorial on lyophilization principles and practices
Carried out pilot scale pooling-sonication-filtration runs of live virus to evaluate effect of process input changes.
Weighed in with candor to refine method and best practices for second scientist review within department.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Technology and Development
March 2010 through September 2010

Performed analytical work successfully supporting multiple engineers and projects.
Quickly attained proficiency with instruments used in characterizing moisture sorption and physical properties, as well as data analysis methods.
Participated in forum evaluating implementation of new technical method including acquisition of equipment.
Coordinated preparation of product characterization studies. These last two years and account for all significant dimensions of tablet stability.

Rhodia Inc.
Bristol, PA
Synthesis and Processing
March 2009 through September 2009
Gained valuable experience using ...

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