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Software Engineering
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Accomplished and reliable professional with extensive expertise in full life-cycle software development engineering and maintenance development on large and small telephone switches, telephony signaling protocols, aircraft simulators, internet systems, and Windows applications.
A proven team leader, instructor, and mentor who motivates individuals to prioritize company goals and commit to high standards.
22 years experience in software design, code, test, and documentation, most recently with applications in GSM, WCDMA and LTE networks, in accordance with 3GPP, 3GPP2 and other relevant technical documents.


Software Design using Ada, C, C++,, Java, Perl, Python, tcl, i-tcl and XML on Linux and MS Windows.


Taqua, LLC, Richardson, Texas 2013 – present
Senior Software Test and Application Development Engineer

GSM, UMTS, IS-41, and CDMA Multi-Media Communication Server (MMCS)
Designed and developed functional test suites for MMCS in C and i-tcl for smoke automation test application. Automation tests build and send SIP messages, receive and parse SIP messages, build and send HLR MAP messages, receive and parse MAP messages.
Wrote and executed testing for capacity testing using EXFO Nethawk. Debugged, analyzed, and generated software deficiency reports.
Worked with technical support team analyzing, debugging, and troubleshooting customer switches.
Wrote and updated application software to simulate GSM and IS-41 HLR for MMCS testbed.
Database Administrator (MySQL) for test and metrics database.

GBSD Technologies, Lubbock, Texas, 2008 - 2013
Senior Software Application Development Engineer

GSM MS and UE location servers
Design, develop, and maintain Serving Mobile Location Centre (SMLC) application to locate GSM cellular telephones through a trilateration algorithm using uplink measurement data from cellular phone to serving and neighboring towers. This software exceeded customer accuracy requirements in addition to providing the necessary location information for the apprehension of criminals by both local police and INTERPOL organizations.
Built test network comprising GMLC (2G, 3G, and CDMA), HLR Simulator, MSC Simulator, BSC Simulator, and SMLC for Function and System Testing. Performed SMLC Integration Testing in Alcatel Labs and with Nokia-Siemens in Vodafone Labs.
Designed reporting and test tools to provide metrics and test data to customers, top level management, and engineering teams to improve software performance.
SIGTRAN and SS7 protocol stacks
Design, develop, and maintain SIGTRAN stack for the GBSD SMLC and Gateway Mobile Location Center (GMLC) servers to communicate over customer networks. Installed and tested stack in Alcatel Labs for SMLC and GMLC testing over the Lb, Lg, and Lh interfaces. Installed protocol stack into the Vodafone South Africa network for SMLC support.
Design, develop, and maintain SS7 stack for the GBSD SMLC (BSSLAP) and GMLC (MAP) servers. Integration was performed in Vodafone Labs in Johannesburg, South Africa and with Vodafone Mozambique.

Network Optimization and large scale MS/UE location
Design, develop, and maintain testbed to simulate messages on the Iub, IuPS, and IuPC interfaces for Link Aggregator (LA) network probing system.
Wrote applications to parse and utilize LTE data from the LA for customer network optimization, location, and location-based advertising databases. Thorough knowledge of the frame protocol, MAC, RLC, and PDCP layers.

XFab Texas, Lubbock, Texas, 2007 - 2008
Senior Software IT Engineer

Responsible for the design, development, implementation, training, and maintenance of web and Windows based software systems.
Designed, developed, and maintain Windows based database update tool used to interface with the SQL database for the FabTime wafer fabrication plant software. Database update tool designed using Visual Studio
Designed, developed, and maintain web-based tools for Back End Manual (BEM) system used to define reticle technology used for circuit design on silicon wafers. BEM tools, server software, and web pages designed using Visual Studio

TAQUA SYSTEMS, Plano, Texas, 2001 - 2007
Senior Software Test Engineer/Customer Support Engineer

Designed, developed, and maintained automation test environment in Visual Basic, interfacing with SQL Enterprise Server, testing customer features and protocols for both TDM and IP telephony. Strong working knowledge of call processing, SIP, and MGCP. Automation test environment found over 60% of the errors found in System Test.
Managed software loads and patch revis...

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