Troy, NY

Position Desired

Systems Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Career Objective To obtain full time employment in Logistics and Operations

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Sept. 11 - Present
B.S. Industrial and Management Engineering
Minor in Video Art
Graduation: May 2015
Troy, New York

Work Experience:

Outdoor Building Consultant, CAD Operator, Water Flow Surveyor
May 14 - Aug. 14
Continental Organics
New Windsor, New York
» There was a water system malfunction, so a water
flow chart needed to be designed to convey a system
that all workers could understand. Preliminary work on
a patent drawing was also worked on for a water
extraction system.

Operations Intern
June 13 - Aug. 13
Cummins Power Systems
Bronx, New York
» A project was given to update the scheduling system using a program that ranked mechanics based on skill with engines and also customer relations.
»There was also an issue with warranty kickbacks for offsite repairs, due to NYC traffic, so a system needed to be implemented to show traffic delays and how it
was not an operational issue.

Senior Caller
Sept. 12 - Present
RenXchange, RPI
Troy, New York
»Called alumni and parents to solicit donations
for RPI.

Extracurricular Activities
Nov. 11 – Present Theta Chi, Delta Chapter
Philanthropy Chair <...

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