Dayton, OH

Position Desired

Computer Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


To utilize my knowledge of Digital Design in a professional environment that will allow me to work with Computer Hardware, Microprocessor Design, and/or the fabrication of Integrated Circuits.

Bachelor of Science Computer Engineering Expected: May 2015
Wright State University, Dayton, OH
Senior Design: FPGA Signal Processing

Computer Organization
Organization and sequential operation of digital computers. Binary and hexadecimal number systems, 2's complement arithmetic, program control, memory organization and hierarchy, addressing modes, stacks and parameter passing, interrupts and traps, I/O devices, DMA, cache, and virtual memory.

Digital System Design
Basics of digital computer hardware and design. Topics include switching algebra and switching
functions, logic design of combinational and sequential circuits, storage elements, register-level design,
and instrumentation.

Digital Integrated Circuit Design with PLDs and FPGAs
Digital design with behavioral level VHDL; application of VHDL to the design, analysis, and synthesis of digital integrated circuits; field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and design and application of digital integrated circuits using FPGA's.

Very Large Scale Integrated Circuit Design
Introduction to VLSI system and subsystem design. Topics include CMOS devices and circuit design techniques, basic building blocks for CMOS design, fabrication processing and design rules, chip planning and layout, basic system subcomponents (adders, subtractors, ALUs, and others), system timing and power dissipation, simulation for VLSI design, and signal processing with VLSI.

Electronic Integrated Systems
Theory and applications of integrated circuits. Bipolar and field effect transistor amplifier analysis and design, multi-stage and feed back amplifiers, ideal and real operational amplifiers, frequency response and compensation, active filters, comparators, and waveform generators.

Southwestern Ohio Council for High Education, WPAFB, OH (December 2011 – present)
Air Force Research Lab Research Assistant (contractor)
 Different Processing of Ultra High Temperature...

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