Goodyear, AZ

Position Desired

Nuclear Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.



Self-motivated and energetic research scientist with a unique, dual background in engineering sciences and applied mathematics/numerical analysis with a passion for innovation and excellence; adept at working independently and collaboratively with a team of multidisciplinary engineers; able to learn and adapt to exceed expectations; results oriented, versatile, and dedicated. Experienced in designing, modeling and optimizing sophisticated space and nuclear power systems; thermal management; fluid mechanics; energy conversion; and solving complex scientific problems for the advancement of innovative solutions impacting energy systems, renewable resources and space exploration. Prolific author with strong written/verbal skills.

My Technical Expertise:
Thermodynamics; Heat Transfer; Hydraulics; CFD; Thermo-Electrics; AMTEC; Turbo-Machinery; Heat Exchangers; Alkali Metal Technology; Capillary Phenomena; Heat Pipes; Space Radiators; Nuclear Graphite Oxidation; Phase Changes; Porous Media; Software Development; Simulation; Optimization.

Skills I Have Demonstrated:
Fast Implementation and Delivery; Results Oriented; Imaginative and Lateral Thinker; Analytical and Decision Making Skills; Creative Problem Solving; Detail Oriented; Interpersonal and Leadership Skills; Ability to Motivate and Empower Others; Effective Communicator; Conflict Resolution; Troubleshooting.


University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
Ph.D., cum laude, GPA: 3.79
Chemical and Nuclear Engineering, Space and Nuclear Power Systems

École Centrale de Paris, France
P.E., Top French Professional Engineering School, honors, Energetics and Heat Transfer

University Paris XIII-Nord, Galileo Institute, France
M.S., summa cum laude, graduated first of class, Applied Mathematics

Extensive Publication and Presentation Record | Documentation | Technical Writing:
Peer-reviewed Conference Proceedings (82), International Journals (45), Book Chapter (1), Review Papers (4), Final Reports and Software Manuals to government agencies/clients (19)

Multilingual: American–English and French


Portable Buildings Manufacturing Plant, Avondale, AZ (January 2013– Present)
Manufacturing Operation and Production Manager

- I re-engineered, restructured and retooled an old facility from the ground-up to support a manufacturing operation. I oversaw materials and procurement, employees, contractors, production, budget, dispatch, equipment maintenance and repair, plant upkeep andsafety. Staff supervision, conflict resolution.
- I optimized and continuously improved plant operations: work assignments; production flow schedules; hiring and training of unseasoned crews; receiving/shipping; raw materials inventory and purchasing.

- I developed all electronic sales order forms/contractual documents for US wide dealer networks, significantly increasing sales, operation efficiency and profitability company-wide.
- To improve operation, I developed the plant’s MRP/Client Relationship Management (CRM) database to track Bills of Materials, products assembly and dispatch, contractors’ fees and payments, and repair logistics.

Chemical & Nuclear Engineering, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
Research & Development Engineer | Energy Converters | Power Plants | Heat Transfer

I co-authored grants and developed and completed both long- and short-term research studies on the design, optimization and analysis of novel static and dynamic energy systems, heat exchangers and integrated space and terrestrial nuclear power plants. Expertise in thermal management, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, rarefied gas flow, porous media, radiative heat transfer, space radiators, heat pipes, alkali metal technology, energy conversion, Thermo-Electrics (TEs), Alkali Metal Thermal-to-Electric Converters (AMTECs), and turbo-machinery. Engineering Analysis; Test Data Analysis; Engineering Software Validation.

- I developed innovative designs and analysis models of nuclear power systems for space and terrestrial applications: heat pipes reactors, liquid metal-cooled reactors, heat pipes cooled space radiators.
- I participated in experimental vacuum tests and improved and optimized advanced static energy conversion systems: Thermo–Electric (TEs) and Alkali–Metal Thermal–to-Electric Converters (AMTECs).
- I analyzed and optimized recuperated Closed Brayton Cycles of gas-cooled, High Temperature Reactor plants with multistage axial-flow turbo-machinery. I developed semi-empirical correlations based on the kinetic theory and Law of Corresponding States to calculate the thermodynamic / transport properties of gas mixtures as functions of temperature and pressure, and verified them with thousands of test data.
- I designed and analyzed the performance of advanced nuclear Radioisotope Power Systems (RPSs) and Heater Units (RHUs); reviewed gas release and retention mechanisms in coated-particle PuO2/UO2 fuels; and compiled available fabrication techniques of particle fuels and gas-cooled nuclear reactor fuels.
- I collaborated with SNL on designing and evaluating advanced RHUs which use a plutonia coated particles fuel compact (CPFC); the novel CPFC-RHU fits into the aeroshell of the present LWRHU but delivers up to 2.5 times the thermal power output; with only 10% higher mass, the optimized CPFC-GPHS delivers 47% more thermal power than the SOA GPHS, achieving a specific power of 214 W/kg, a 34% increase.
- I developed and benchmarked the state-of-the-art analysis models for simulating the frozen startup and shutdown transients of tilted alkali-metal (H2PAC for LANL) and water heat pipes (HPTAM for NASA GRC).

UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO, Albuquerque, NM (1996 – 2013)
Research Professor of Chemical and Nuclear Engineering

In addition to teaching live main-campus courses, I taught live interactive television sessions to graduate engineers in off-campus locations, i.e., Los Alamos National Lab and Sandia National Lab via UNM’s statewide Interactive Television (ITV) two-way videoconferencing. I taught upper division and graduate courses.

I participated in the UNM’s Graduate Student Peer-Mentoring Program, supporting scholarly, professional and personal development through collaboration, encouragement, knowledge sharing, and critical and reflective analysis. I participated as a Final Examination Committee Member for MS and PhD graduates. I co-authored grants, presentations, and peer-reviewed Conference Proceedings and International Journals.


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