Rochester, NY

Position Desired

Systems Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Strong Technical Expertise and Proven Leadership Abilities.

· Seeking to use my skills in Embedded Systems, Software, Control, Engineering Design and HumanFactors Engineering to augment an existing world-class team.

Skills & Abilities

· Leadership philosophy based on executing the three C’s: Collaborate, Cooperate, Communicate.
· Collaborator, able to bring teams together to focus on corporate mission.
· Co-operator, able to listen to feedback enabling co-operation for effective execution of corporate vision.
· Communicator, able to step back and see big picture to properly articulate goals and presentinformation.
· Have lead large groups to top performance.
· Decision maker, facilitator and negotiator.
· Extensive experience in streamlining operations, processes and people to optimize performance.
· Skilled in conflict resolution, dealing with cultural differences, and managing groups remotely.

· Lead teams of technical personnel, sales organizations, and professional services suppliers.
· Conceptualized, developed and managed new product introductions for complex, multifaceted processes and equipment.
· Knowledgeable in all aspects of business including finances, marketing, sales, operations,training and customer service.
· Over twenty years of experience in the manufacturing industry across numerous sectors including aerospace, defense, gas & oil, mining, manufacturing, marine, power generation.
· Proven effective board director for both profit and nonprofit boards.

· Talented public speaker with experience in presenting complex topics and technical data to a general audience in a manner that drives attention and retention.
· On-going mentor to engineering students and technical staff. Experience teaching engineers, and operations teams on complex machinery and processes.
· Strong written communication skills in English. Fluent in English and French.
· Experience with real-time live translators while presenting to internationally based audience.
· Able to execute top performance under high stress such as during extensive world travel schedules.

· Experienced in mission critical design of embedded systems, software and control.
· Trained and experienced on human factors design and human interfaces.
· Designed, developed & commissioned sophisticated software development for manufacturing, weapon systems, power distribution, networking of equipment & processes
· Designed, programmed, & commissioned distributed control, plastics, automotive,
aerospace & defense industries.
· Experience in new construction and factory expansions.

· Established and oversaw international sales agents and distributors for Europe, Asia, North & South America.
· Successfully presented to top foreign Government Officials, including military Generals and leaders of intern...

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