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Victor | Resume Details | New York Jobs


Richland, MI

Position Desired

Systems Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.



I want to leverage advanced topics in Control Theory and Computer Science (Numerical Analysis, Algorithms, etc.) in leading-edge Modeling, Simulation, System Identification, and Controls Engineering research

Cornell University Expected May 2017
College of Engineering GPA: 3.979
Computer Science (Concentration: Computational Science and Engineering)
Mechanical Engineering (Concentration: Feedback Control)
Electrical and Computer Engineering (Concentration: Signal Processing)
Completed Coursework:
Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Discrete Math, Multivariable Calculus, Statics,
Physics - Mechanics, Physics - Electromagnetism, MATLAB, Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structures, Functional Programming and Data Structures, Digital Logic
Current Coursework:
Dynamics, Signals and Systems, Embedded Systems, Unix Tools and Scripting

Cornell University February 2015 - Present
Controls and Electronics Engineer: Autonomous Systems Lab
Ithaca, NY
Current project in control of robotic systems and soft robots. Responsibilities include gait, controller, and electronic design for pneumatically-actuated quadruped soft robot, created using the Soft Robotics Toolkit open-source hardware. Project will be submitted to Soft Robotics Design Competition 2015 in June, 2015 (competition website located at www.softroboticstoolkit.com/design-competition).

Eaton Corporation Summer 2014
Intern: Control and Power Conversion Division
Tualatin, OR
Internship in new product design group for power electronics for vehicles. Group website located at www.cooperindustries.com/content/public/en/bussmann/transportation.html. Scope of work was
software development for modeling, simulation, and control design using MATLAB/Simulink to enhance control design capabilities for the group.
Created models and tuned controllers for multi-loop digital control implementation of a bidirectional buck-boost converter, and validated models against hardware as wel...

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