Lowell, MA

Position Desired

Computer Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


OBJECTIVE | To obtain engineering position in core electrical embedded field-testing and verification field. .

EDUCATION | M.S., COMPUTER ENGINEERING, UMass Lowell MA (Expected May 2015)| GPA- 3.5
Control Systems, VHDL/Verilog Design and Systems, Analog Devices and Techniques, Operating Systems, Computer Vision and Digital Image Processing.
ABILITIES | CCNA certified.
Tools: Multisim, Matlab, Xilinx, Keil, Altium, Pspice.
Instruments/Equipment: Frequency analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, ODTR, DSO
Languages: C/C++/Java/JavaScript/SQL/PHP.
Protocols: TCP/IP, LAN/WAN, FTP, HTTP, and DNS.
Software: Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop,
Operating Systems: Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7, Mac OS X.
PROJECTS | Design of an Operational – Amplifier (Fall 2014)
• Had given a circuit with the internal components. Had to work on different component values in the circuit in order to achieve the ideal small signal and large signal parameters and a high gain.
• Placed various Op-Amp circuits like differentiator, integrator into the main circuit and measured the parameters. Getting a high gain was also essential.
• Managed to put in the right components and the required high gain on the Pspice software. Got all the components did testing on breadboard, and then measured the output waveforms.
• Measured output was similar to the software output. Wire wrapped the circuit on PCB and the final circuit was ready. Our group achieved highest gain.
PID designing Using PIC (May 2013)
• With various inputs resistance, temperature and current to the PIC controller, the PID was designed.
• Designed different circuits for each input. Studied various resistive sensors, thermal sensors and current (4mA-20mA) also the PID tuning. Worked on the Tuning methods.
Client server Model in LINUX (Fall 2014)
• Implemented a networked distributed system for remote procedure call (RPC) with the help of multithreading and fork functions
• Using the Ubuntu (Linux) various Protocols, Commands and client (host) server functionalities create the program
• Designed a Client (host) server interaction, a client was able to access two servers at a time.

EXPERIENCE | Graduate Assistant Ca...

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