Richmond, CA

Position Desired

Network Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


A Telecommunications Engineer with more than 9 years of experience in project management, installation, commissioning and integration, operation and maintenance of 2G, 3G, WIMAX and LTE RAN equipment

• In-depth knowledge in installation, commissioning, integration, operation and maintenance of 2G BTS, 3G NodeB , WIMAX AP and LTE eNodeB equipment and also with PDH, SDH and IP based transmission
• Experience in NSN Flexi EDGE BTS, NSN Flexi Multi Radio LTE (FDD/TDD), Motorola Wimax DAP, Huawei 2G and 3G RAN, Optix and OSN equipment, Nokia Flexihopper, Nera CompactLink, Ceragon Fibeair, ECI uSDM, XDM100 and XDM100, Alcatel 2G RAN, 9400 UX/LX and 1650-1660 SM-C, Siemens HiT, SMA1K and SRA4, Emerson Power System, Anritsu and Byrd test equipment
• Proficiency in Cisco routers and switches, TCP/IP, LAN and WAN interconnection and configurations


July 2012 – September 2014
RIC Engineer / TI Supervisor

Project : SMC / Belltel
2G Project, Philippines

• Manages sites from SKOM (Site Kick Off Meeting) to PAT (Preliminary Acceptance Test)
• Perform Preliminary Site Inspection for candidates sites with AMB installed before declaring RFTI
• Supervised installation of Flexi EDGE BTS
• Implement site commissioning and integration
• Perform site acceptance (PAT / UAT)
• Conduct site troubleshooting and provide technical support on sites with alarms
• Perform test calls for site integrated / on-air
• Consolidate reports and documentations

Project : SMC / HFTI / NCTI
LTE Project, Philippines

• Perform technical site surveys for candidates sites for the deployment and provide necessary documents
• Perform / supervise installation of NSN LTE Flexi Multi Radio eNodeB
• Implement site commissioning and integration with proper documentation
• Perform site acceptance (PAT / UAT)
• Conduct site troubleshooting and provide technical support on sites with alarms
• Perform site throughput testing and drive test for sites integrated / on-air
• Consolidate reports and documentations

September 2009 – June 2012
RAN Engineer / TI Engineer

Project: SMART Communications
Network Support Program (NSP) for WiMAX Network, Philippines

• Provide NOC support and assistance in troubleshooting ASN-GW and DAPVx issues.
• Provide 2nd line support for investigation and troubleshooting of BTS and RF issues
• Conduct ASN-GW and DAPVx knowledge transfer and course training on how to configure, manage, monitor and troubleshoot WiMAX Network elements.

Project: Wi – Tribe Philippines
FDD and TDD LTE Trial, Philippines

• Perform installation, commissioning and integration of NSN Flexi Multi Radio FDD and TDD LTE
• Incorporate FDD and TDD LTE to existing Wimax Network for trial purposes, if both network can coexist.
• Perform initial site testing and throughput test

Project: AccessTel / XstreamNlos
WiMAX Project, Dhaka, Bangladesh

• Supervise installation of Motorola Wimax Access Point DAPVx WAP450 and DAP Duo WAP650
• Commission and integrate Motorola Wimax Access Point
• Perform site acceptance for proper turnover of sites to client
• Conduct training and seminar for local engineers in Motorola Wimax Access Point and Element Management System
• Provide technical support for issues during project implementation

Project: Wi – Tribe Philippines (LBNI)
WiMAX Project Phase I, Manila, Philippines

• Supervise and perform installation, commissioning, and integration of Motorola Wimax Access Point (WAP450 series), including outdoor and indoor power system (Emerson)
• Provide support for escalated technical issues
• Verify and fix performance issues, as well as repair hardware and software problems for the new and upgrade sites
• Support Wimax AP commissioning, integration, and related Wimax AP upgrade tasks
• Perform functionality / drive tests for integrated sites
• Conduct site surveys for prospected sites
• Regularly update project database for milestone monitoring – from installation to integration and acceptance

2005 – 2009, Quezon City, Philippines
Senior RAN O&M Engineer

• Provided 24/7 on-call operations and maintenance support on all RAN and MW / TX equipment for continuous GSM network function for all on-air cell sites included in Metro Region sites...

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