Los Angeles, CA

Position Desired

Software Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


330 De Neve Dr (Sproul Hall/Room 331)

To seek an internship where I can expand upon my programming skills in a collaborative environment and follow my passion for designing friendly user interfaces.

University of California, Los Angeles
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science and Engineering, Los Angeles, CA
• GPA: 3.0
• Anticipated graduation: June 2016
Computer Skills
• Proficient in: C++, C
Personal Projects
• Designed an inventory management system using C++ and Boost Filesystem Libraries
o Decided a need to quicken the process of creating an inventory of files
o Thought through various STL data structures to determine best optimal performance
• Designed a password management program using VB.NET and .NET libraries
o Decided a need for a simple password management software that can be learned quickly by the user
o Implemented a user interface that was easy to understand
o Designed a custom binary search tree and queues to quicken the search of data on disk
o Leveraged .NET Security library for SHA1 and RSA encryption
Web Design Director January 2014 - Present
Bruin Initiative, Los Angeles, CA
• Facilitated with SAT course enrichment for the students
• Leveraged HTML5 using Wix
• Designed clean and simple webpages for 80 students to access the class materials
• Awarded CSC Volunteer of the Quarter for Bruin Initiative
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