Stafford, VA

Position Desired

Computer Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Seeking career-related experience in computer science, computer engineering and electrical engineering.

George Mason University - Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering, expected May 2017.
GPA: 3.26 Class Level: Junior
Relevant Coursework:
Calculus Obj. Oriented Programming Game Design
Linear Algebra Physics Research Methods
Computer Systems Data Structures Electric Circuit Analysis
Differential Equations Signal Analysis and Systems Digital Syst. and Logic Design
Discrete Mathematics Low level Programming Statistics and Probability
Robotics Computer Networking Protocols

Languages: Java, C/C++, Python, JavaScript, VHDL, HTML, CSS, XML, JQuery, MATLAB, Assembly (x86-64)
Applications: Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, Matlab, Notepad++, Vi/Vim, Xilinx ISE WebPack, Logism, DrJava, Android Studio, Eclipse, GitHub, Bitbucket, Visual Studio.
Hardware: Multimeter, Breadboard, Oscilloscope, Digilent Basys2 Board, Physics and Engineering lab equipment, Circuits, Beaglebone Black.
Databases: Microsoft Access.
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, DOS, Debian, Android.

• Capital One - Challenge Participant and Winner (one of 30 winners out of many applicants), October 2015. Submitted proposal to Capital One for a small consulting project - "Analyze #CapitalOne Instagram data". Using python, and the Instagram api I fetched and analyzed posts with the hashtag CapitalOne.
• Java – Developed many programs including modern-gems and infinite gomoku games using data structures like linked lists and arraylists.
• C – Built many programs, including a text speech to word translator, ship passenger tracker and a GBN and alternating bit reliable transfer protocol.
• VHDL – Implemented latches, flip flops, registers, counters, ALUs and logic circuit on Basys 2 Board.
• Built a robot with BeagleBone as the microprocessor, to perform multiple functionalities such as moving towards light and away from light, line following, and wall following, in Python.
• Used MATLAB to perform many different signal analysis.

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