Bellingham, WA

Position Desired

Mechanical Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


• Experienced in design of Slurry Pumps, API Pumps, Compressors and Turbines
• Experienced with Pressure Vessels Packages for refineries
• Experienced in engineering hydrocrackers, particularly catalyst based slurry hydrocrackers.
• Experienced in design of long distance slurry pipelines.
• Experienced in corrosion for refineries and mining extraction
• Familiar with API Codes for Rotating Equipment
• Softwares: CODEWARE (Pressure Vessels), Pipeflo (Slurry Dynamics), AFT Fathom & Impulse


Consultant engineer - (Currently)
• Principal Investigator on a grant from the National Science Foundation to develop a natural gas fired furnace for melting iron and steel scrap.
. Project Engineer ICPE – Revamp of the Sinclair Refinery Wyoming – Alkylation, GRU,SGRU and Poly Areas. (including preparation of 20 packages for pressure vessels,heat exchangers and heaters)
• Engineering Design of a gas fired cokeless reverberatory furnace for melting of iron and steel using natural gas – for Splitvane Engineers Inc, WA
• Technical audit for the hydrotransport systems of two phosphate mines in Florida and North Carolina (through Cecon)
• Part-time consulting to SRK for tailings pipeline engineering

Fluor E&C Pipeline Division, Houston 8/2013-5/2014 – Technical Director

• Performed hydraulic calculations and developed packages for the York Polyhalite Pipeline for the United Kingdom. (project was cancelled in March 2014)
• Performed research on design of deep ocean hydrate extractions in the Arctic – Research lead to a provisional patent application.
• Performed research on design of liquefied CO2 based slurry pipelines to transport petcoke and sulfur .
• Participated to a review of non-Newtonian flows for disposal of nuclear waste at Hanford organized under the sponsorship of the Department of Energy

Fluor – Principal Design Engineer , San Francisco, USA 4/2007-7/2013
• Performed calculations for design of a mud drilling facility for deep ocean extraction of hydrocarbons for Exxon
• Lead Pipeline Engineer – Pascua Lama tailings pipeline and Baja Mining
• Peer reviews of various slurry pipelines in Arizona, Nevada
• Lead specialist for pumps and pipelines for the Petro Canada Ft Hills Oilsand Project – Extraction and Tailings

Chevron Energy & Technology Corporation, San Francisco, USA 11/2004-3/2007 - Technical Advisor
• Engineering of a demonstration plant for a slurry hydrocracker, selection of ebullating pumps, catalyst recovery
• Owner’s rep with Technip for technical questions on recovery of ultrafine catalyst from hydrocrackers
• Owner’s rep for peer reviews on Jack Pine Oilsand joint venture with Shell during peer reviews.

Contract Engineer 3/2003-10/2004 for SNC Lavalin and COLT Engineering , Alberta, Canada

• Commissioning of the Albian Sands Energy Oilsand Mine – Ft McMurray, Canada
• Lead Mechanical Engineer for design of third tailings pipeline

Anvil Corporation, Bellingham, WA, USA 7/2001-1/2003
• Rotating Equipment and Pressure Vessel Engineer
• Prepared packages for purchase of oil & gas pumps, steam turbines, compressors in compliance with API codes for the Shell Equilon Refinery, Anacortes,WA

Self-Employed Consultant to Hatch Engineering, Canada and Rescan Engineering 10/2000-6/2001
Lead specialist for slurry pumps and slurry hydraulics for a number of mining projects such as BHP Rio Tintaya, Eskay Creek, CMP subsea tailings.

Fluor Canada 11/1999 -9/2000
Rotating Equipment and Pressure Vessel Engineer
• Prepared packages for purchase of oil & gas pumps, and centrifugal compressors in compliance with API codes for the expansion of the Irving Oil Refinery, New Brunswick
• Hydraulic Designs of thickener system for Muskeg River Contractors.

Sulzer Pumps North America – 4/1...

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