Greensboro, NC

Position Desired

Chemical Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


To obtain a full-time position in the field of Chemical Engineering. I am willing to relocate.

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Greensboro, NC
Masters of Science in Chemical Engineering, GPA 3.55 August 2015

University of North Carolina at Greensboro Greensboro, NC
Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry August 2012

• MS-MS Spectroscopy
• UV-Vis Spectroscopy
• GC-MS Spectroscopy
• Physical Chemistry
• Intro to Chemical Process
• Reaction Engineering
• Heat Transfer
• Fluid Mechanics
• Advance Thermodynamics
• Advance Chemical Engineering Analysis
• Computer Programming (C++, Python, Mathematica)
• Aspen
• KaleidaGraph


• Microsoft Office
• Business Development
• Program Development
• Motivational Speaking
• Analytical/Research
• Leadership and Management
• Budgeting
• Interpersonal Skills
• Confidence
• Adaptability
• Presentational/Public Speaking
• Public relations
• Multitasking, organizational, networking, and event planning
• Problem Solving
• Supervisory

Graduate Research, North Carolina A&T, Greensboro, NC May 2012-present
• Conduct research for thesis in order to develop a method that can determine what percentages of straight chained and branched compounds are present in an unknown fuel mixture
• Prepare aviation biofuel standards and run on GC-MS
• Analyze GC-MS data using ChemStation
• Compile and interpret data through comparison of NIST database
• Conduct literary research for relevant data and corresponding laboratory procedures

Chemical Technician I, Lab Support/LanXess Corporation-Greensboro, NC January-May 2012
• Worked along with plant operational team to assure plasticizers met national standards
• Analyzed products using techniques such as physical and chemical separation techniques, and microscopy
• Provided technical support and assistance to chemists and engineers.

Laboratory Assistant, Lab Support/Scientific Analytics Institute-Greensboro, NC, May-June 2016
• Prepared wet preparation for asbestos testing
• Assist in development of quality assurance documentation
• Report and present data in strategic method

Laboratory Assistant, Solstas LabPartners-Greensboro, NC March 2011-February 2012
• Worked with a team to upkeep specimen inventory and maintain inventory listing
• Provided assistant to retrieve specimen for lab technicians
• Maintained laboratory in a professional and clean manner

Laboratory Technician-UNC-G-Greensboro, NC May-August 2008
Undergraduate Research January-December 2006
• Conducted research for advancement of nanotechnology by using infrared lasers and rotational spectroscopy to identify energy states of OCIO
• Designed and build attenuator for research project
• Conducted literary research to compare and enhance laboratory procedures
• Conducted computational research on how changes in the angles of synthesized proteins affect the mechanisms that are undergone within neurons
• Detected changes of G-proteins receptors after docking variations of the conformations of ortho-2-Methylpentylacetyl, JWH251 and JWH252
• Used a Linux cluster program, Maestro, to conduct research
• Generated computer conformations of the ligands and recorded the calculated molecular state changes of the proteins after a simulated binding

Laboratory Technician, Ciba Specialty Chemicals- Greensboro, NC January-March 2005
• Worked in the textile industry in order to identify products optimized for com...

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