Upper Darby, PA

Position Desired

Packaging Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


To obtain a full-time position within the engineering field involving design, analysis, research and product development.
System One Holdings, LLD d/b/a Joule Technical Staffing. Packaging Engineer (R&D), Princeton, NJ August 2014-Current

Supported packaging development of new products from innovation brief through launch shipment
•Identified all packaging specifications throughout the testing and sampling process resulting in proper package development and reduction of damages encountered during transportation by a significant amount.
•Supported sustainable packaging engineering to meet production, functional, and cost requirements.
•Involved in development and implementation of packaging test plans and test methods.
•Monitored latest trends and technical advances in packaging to ensure up to date package testing methods in relation to recent developments in food processing and packaging (FPP).
•Communicated the progress, status, and configuration of the projects to the Program and Project Managers to ensure smooth flow of rapid commercialization process.
•Participated in testing of a process to reduce the amount of time needed to make changes in bills of material (BOM)
GGB Bearings Technology, Intern-Research and Development (R&D), Thorofare, NJ Summer2013

Provided analysis on HPM (Hydro Power Machining) bearing products. Analysis was conducted for a wide range of high-performance, self-lubricating & pre-lubricated bearings such as metal-polymer, solid polymer, filament wound, metal bearings and bushing blocks.

•HPM Machining Process:

-Measured bearing’s roughness using a profilometer and input data into Minitab for analysis
-Surface roughness was improved by 90% and led to increased customer satisfaction.
•Differential Scanning Calorimeter(DSC) Liner Curing:

-Measured heat flow of the thermosetting resin and used data analysis tools to provide valuable information in Glass transition temperature (Tg), phase changes and curing.
-The information facilitated the prediction of the pipe’s behavior under varying environmental factors.

•Bronze-Cr-Ni Characterization and Automation

-Examined bronze-Cr-Ni using scanning electron microscope (SEM). Employed the findings to ascertain the influence of composition and compact pressure on microstructure, density and hardness of bimetal bearings with steel backing and lead free bronze overlay.
-Performed bend and scrape test for the sintering process to verify shearing & bonding of bimetal bearings layers.
-Process resulted in an increase in resistance to fatigue at high temperatures and 10% reduction of manufacturing waste.

Federal Mogul (3rd Year College Integrated Engineering Product Development Project) Spring 2013


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