Chemical/Biofuel Engineer

Fremont, CA

Position Desired

Chemical Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


• Master of Science, Industrial Engineering & Management Spring 2007- Present
Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago
• Master of Science, Chemical Engineering January’04- December’05
University of Southern California, Los Angeles
• Bachelor of Technology, Chemical Engineering August ‘00 – August ‘03 Laxminarayan Institute of Technology, India
• Polytechnic In Chemical Technology (Petroleum & Petrochemicals) July ‘97 – August ‘00
MSBTE, India
Shah, Gaurav. 2014. Production of biodiesel from feedstock. PCT Patent # WO 2014084938 A1, filed August 23, 2013 and issued June 5, 2014
Shah, Gaurav. 2014. Esterification of biodiesel feedstock with solid heterogeneous catalyst. US Patent # 8629291, filed November 27, 2012 and issued January 14, 2014
Shah, Gaurav. 2013. Transesterification of biodiesel feedstock with solid heterogeneous catalyst. US Patent # 8580119, filed November 27, 2012 and issued November 12, 2013
Shah, Gaurav. 2013. Production of glycerin from feedstock. US Patent # 8545703, filed November 27, 2012 and issued October 1, 2013
Shah, Gaurav. 2013. Pretreatment, esterification, and transesterification of biodiesel feedstock. US Patent # 8540881, filed November 27, 2012 and issued September 24, 2013
Shah, Gaurav. 2013. Pretreatment of biodiesel feedstock. US Patent # 8540880, filed November 27, 2012 and issued September 24, 2013
Shah, Gaurav. 2013. Production of biodiesel from feedstock. US Patent # 8545702, filed November 27, 2012 and issued October 1, 2013
Pilot Plant & Scale up ~ Operations ~ Technology Design & Commercialization
Accomplished chemical operations, management, and technology professional experienced in scale up as well as design and operating chemical plants. Expertise in:
Operations • Process Development & Optimization• Research & Development• Equipment & Technology Selection • Continuous Improvement • Intellectual Property • Team Training • Data Analysis • Quality Control
Nanotechnology • Supercritical Fluids • Homogeneous & Heterogeneous Catalysis • Hydrothermal Liquefaction • Biofuels/Renewable Fuels • Hydrogenation/Petroleum Refining • Fermentation/Breweries • Methyl Acetate, Propylene Glycol, DIPE, EDC, Glycerin, USP
• 12+ years of global chemical & energy sector experience in pilot plant & scale up, commercial operations, cost reduction & savings, improving efficiencies ( yields, labor, energy, maintenance), hiring & managing employees, safety & regulatory compliance, troubleshooting, refining, R&D, finance models ( capex, opex, p&l, income statements) and business development
• Experience with equipment’s and technologies including membrane processes, vacuum distillation, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, ion exchange, CSTR and plug flow reactors, wiped film evaporators, packed bed columns, heterogeneous catalysis, coalescer, siemens, delta V & allen bradley plc
• Experience working in a manufacturing environment with cross functional research, production and continuous teams
“Financial Accounting” Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania 2014
• Process Engineer, Algae Systems, Menlo Park, California (2014 - present)
Lead the downstream technology group for algae oil extraction and refining. Scale up, optimization & process development of hydrothermal liquefaction process for extracting algae oil & conversion to aviation fuel. Develop design for commercial scale through conceptual layouts, mass & energy balance and preliminary costing. Overviewing and ensuring smooth operation of pilot plant to constantly improve plant performance. Work with specialty equipment providers to customize & develop innovative reactor, filtration, separation and refining equipment's/technology for special process conditions involving high temperature, pressure & viscosity and maintaining relationships with vendors & engineering firms. Evaluate & refine economic models for operations, P&L, business development and technology licensing. Assist management team with investor presentations & updates and conducting competitive analysis in Algae Sector
• Operations Manager, Menlo Energy, San Francisco, California ( 2012- 2014)
Develop & protect intellectual property through advanced research and patent filings with USPTO & PCT. Establish pilot plant to scale up & demonstrate patented and innovative technology to prospective investors, financial firms and investment bankers. Overview operations and management of refineries at Florida (2 million gallons/year Glycerin, USP 99.7% purity) & Louisiana (12 million gallons/ year ASTM D6751 Biodiesel) including technology, production, quality control, research, regulatory & safety compliance, managing & training employees, hiring, inventory tracking, payroll, P&L. Establishing long term relationships, negotiating &developing agreements with raw material suppliers &buyers of finished goods. Researching and developing next generation technologies to enable higher free fatty acid feed stocks (up to100% FFA), purification and pre-treatment methods and waterless biodiesel facilities with least environmental impact. Research finished Biodiesel from various feed stocks ( Used Cooking Oil, Brown Grease, Trap Grease, Animal Fats, Algae etc) for their effects on oxidation stability, cloud point, pour point, CFPP, cetane number, shelf life, additives, cold soak filtration, fuel plugging, combustion and emissions.
• Operations Manager, Biodiesel of Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada ( 2011- 2012)
Manufacture ASTM D6751 compliant Biodiesel from up to 20% FFA feedstocks. Responsible for Interviewing, hiring, and training employees, planning, assigning, and directing work Orders, feedstock and keep detailed records of inventory, P/L statement, and finance and expanding the facility from 4mgpy to 24mgpy. Ensuring full scale production and having a safe work environment for all employees on site with environmental & regulatory compliance as needed.
• Senior Process Engineer, SRS Engineering, Murietta, California ( 2009 – 2011)
Design up to 60 million gallons per year biodiesel plant with multi- feedstock flexibility and sustainable foot print. Provide engineering and design support, work and follow up with current and prospective customers, technical support for marketing, perform installation and commissioning. Overview P&IDs, Mass & Energy Balance, Simulation and improve results with a focus on higher yields and efficiencies.
• Senior Process Engineer, Greenline Industries, Larkspur, California (2008- 2009)
Design up to 40 million gallons per year multi feedstock biodiesel plant with a better carbon foot print. R...

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