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Chemical Engineering
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16 Hawthorne St, Roxbury, MA, 860-681-3524


Firecracker, Inc. (Cambridge, MA) (Electronic Study Software + Learning Algorithm) 02/2014 – 11/2014
Technical Content Editor –

Generated educational physics content and review material in digital-textbook format for med- and pre-med students.
Authored physics topics in fluids and solids, electrostatics, energy, force, translational motion, work, magnetism, and misc.
Reviewed chemistry topics for accuracy in electrochemistry, bonding, acids and bases, thermodynamics, kinetics, and misc.
Used Firecracker optimal templates and context-free formatting to generate passage-based questions found on MCAT and USMLE type standardized tests.

Physical Sciences, Inc. (Andover, MA) (Defense & Space R&D) 10/2013 – 09/2014
Scientist/Engineer I –

Developed bench process for high through-put PbSe quantum dot synthesis utilizing segmented flow reactor.
Developed IR optical taggant patch materials for air force combat identification.
Supported formulations and characterization of highly absorptive, low-scattering UV obscurant (chaff) materials.
Implemented chemical inventory transfer to new software platform.
Supported AIRIS (Adaptive Infrared Imaging Spectroradiometer) system testing for chemical-standoff detection.

N.U. Chemical Engineering Dept. (Boston, MA) (Electrodeposited Alloys R&D) 01/2013 – 11/2013
Laboratory Manager + Associate Researcher -

Ran daily lab operations including inventory management and equipment/safety/general lab training.
Mentored undergraduate student research projects in catalytic alloy coatings.
Researched and developed nanowire fabrication for advanced bio-sensing electrodes in micro-nano-
fluidic device applications (funded through NSF grant).
Researched and developed alloy coatings for advanced catalyst applications (funded through AESF grant).
Characterized deposition via rotary hull cell analysis, potentiometric plating analysis, and material analysis.
Optimized coating composition by potentiometric analysis of hydrogen evolution reaction

Charles Stark Draper Laboratory (Cambridge, MA) (Defense & Space R&D) 01/2012 – 05/2013
Engineering Co-op -

Developed bench purification process for proprietary damping fluid in flight hardware inertial guidance systems (Alt-PIGA).
Developed and studied rubber-modified adhesive formulations for use in flight hardware advanced gyroscope (IFOG) systems.
Conducted sorption studies of polyamide-imide substrates for development of flight hardware PCB components.
Synthesized novel lubricant for flight hardware gas bearings.
Synthesized organometallic complex analogues in solder-resin acid surface chemistry research.
Studied corrosion properties of chromate and tantalum nitride thin films for flight hardware PCB components.
Qualified cleaning processes and ink compatibility with Aluminum PCB frame manufacturing.
Tested materials for direct-carbon-fuel-cells (DCFC) in molten salt electrolytes.

Nexx Systems* (Billerica, MA) (Semiconductor Process Equipment - OEM) 01/2011 – 08/2011
Engineering Co-op -

Showcased machine performance and integrated customer specifications through micro bump, copper
pillar, eutectic, and RDL metal depositions with commercial semiconductor process equipment.
Characterized process performance parameters including time-dependent organic additive consumption, cell
contamination, organic breakdown product generation, and machine performance with respect to wafer uniformity.
Characterized polymer coating degradation and introduced surface treatment remediation for new product development.
Performed quality assurance through wafer metrology including alloy composition, interferometry, 4-point probe
resistance mapping, oxygen plasma resist stripping, and CVS organic compound analysis (including technique adaptation <...

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