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New York, NY


I’m seeking a career in a challenging, rewarding & diverse atmosphere, with increased benefits for my family. And the opportunity to help the company progress proficiently and effectively. The ideal company would be one which is full of creative opportunities for advancement. I’m eager to utilize my strong work ethic; education and expertise.
Community Habilitation Specialist / Behavioral Solutions
• Work one-on one with consumers in home and community to address a variety of life skills to include social, recreational and other activities of daily living.
• Teach the goals and/or activities specified in the individuals “individualized Service Plan” and Community Habilitation Plan.
• In cooperation with the individual, family and support staff help identify skills and competencies to be developed and devise plans to achieve those goals.
• Assists consumers to identify social, recreation and other community resources the individual may wish to access and devise plans to achieve that access.
• Negotiate schedules and daily activities.
• Regularly maintain and submits service notes with documentation of the hours worked and the service provided
• Enhance and promote social interaction and community participation.
• Provide respite services when needed

Home Health Aide /Partners in Care New York, N.Y.
• Monitors patient condition by observing physical and mental condition, intake and output, and exercise.
• Supports patients by providing housekeeping and laundry services; shopping for food and other household requirements; preparing and serving meals and snacks; running errands.
• Assists patients by providing personal services, such as, bathing, dressing, and grooming.
• Helps patients care for themselves by teaching use of cane or walker, special utensils to eat, special techniques and equipment for personal hygiene..
• Records patient information by making entries in the patient journal; notifying nursing supervisor of changing or unusual conditions.
• Maintains a safe, secure, and healthy patient environment by following asepsis standards and procedures; maintaining security precautions; following prescribed dietary requirements and nutrition standards.
Teacher’s Assistant/l St. Marks the E...

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