Denver, CO

Position Desired

Mechanical Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.



•Engineer in Training (EIT) - May 2015
•Certified Solidworks Associate (CSWA) - May 2008

Collegiate Engineering Background | Technical Skills
Senior Design Project: Winner of Senior Design Competition
Feathercycle – Lightweight, motorized trail bike composed with seven multidisciplinary team members starting from initial idea, to design, to actual product

•Achieved and applied the process of product development
•Employed CNC machine, lathe, drill press and mill
•Finite Element Analysis (FEA) executed on carbon fiber frame and major components
•Assimilated bike structure in Solidworks
•Computed forces on neck of frame, tires, handle bars, rear swing arm, braking pedals

Design Optimization, Composite Airplane Wing
•Optimized weight and cost of carbon fiber airplane wing
•Achieved factor of safety (FOS) greater than 1; airplane wing did not fail under certain lift force
•Determined number of layers and degree orientation of carbon fiber
•Employed Matlab to run simulations to provide FOS using carbon fiber properties

Band Brake Prototyping and Analysis
•Collaborated with team of 4 to design / analyze cantilever brake
•Modeled band brake via SolidWorks
•Employed FEA and motion analysis
•Created model using 3D Printer

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Study
•Built pipe utilizing SolidWorks
•Analyzed water/fluid flow with different lengths of pipe and radius of curvature

Technical Skills:
•Product development, Solidworks, engineering design, new product design, design optimization, manufacturing, technical drafting, FEA, fabrication, materials processing

Leadership | Work Experience
Mountain Hardwear Outdoor Clothing Company: Associate Sales Oct. 2015 – Present
•Appeal to customers through signage and merchandising to help increase sales
•Achieving customer service through face-to-face interactions and phone services
•Provide backroom support with organization and cleanliness for more efficient stocking

Whole Foods Market: Grocery Team Memb...

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