Houston, TX

Position Desired

Chemical Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.



1- HYCO Safety, Health, Environmental, Quality (SHEQ) Manager (formerly Technical Manager – Training and Safety) for Syngas (HYCO) / Methanol Unit with, at times, two salaried employees and two contract employees reporting to me. Have SHEQ support responsibility for other HYCO sites within North and South America.
2- Production Manager for Syngas / Methanol Unit with five salaried and thirty-six hourly employees reporting to me.
3- Process Engineering Superintendent for seven salaried Process Engineers for an Acetic Acid, Vinyl Acetate Monomers, and Syngas / Methanol Unit (decrease due to Joint Venture split and realignment of jobs - see DETAIL OF WORK EXPERIENCE)
4- Process / Process Control Superintendent over nineteen salaried engineers for an Ethylene, Syngas / Methanol, Acetic Acid, and Vinyl Acetate Monomers Unit
5- Principle Design Process Engineer - Production Representative for a $90 million Expansion project for a Syngas / Methanol unit - Continuous process
6- Principle Production Engineer for a Syngas / Methanol unit - Continuous process
7- Process / Production Supervisor for a Specialty Chemicals plant - Batch process
8- Process Engineer for Syngas / Methanol, Specialty Chemicals, Polyester, Vinyl Chloride Monomer, and Chlorine / Caustic plants - Continuous and Batch processes
9- Process Engineer / Plant Liaison for a $3 million expansion project - Continuous process
10- Start Up Engineer for Syngas / Methanol and Vinyl Chloride Monomer plants - Continuous processes


MBA from Berry College, Mt. Berry, GA
BSChE from University of Houston, Houston, TX


Professional Engineer Certification in Texas (not current)


Linde Gas North America LLC, a division of The Linde Group (formerly Millennium Petrochemicals Company, Quantum Chemical Company, and USI Chemicals)
La Porte, Texas, Syngas / Methanol Plant

09/08 – 08/15 HYCO SHEQ Manager
I had responsibility for supporting SHEQ activities for fourteen HYCO sites within North and South America. I assisted the Head of HYCO Americas in handling and interpreting SHEQ issues, policies, and procedures. I reported to the Head of HYCO Houston Cluster. I served on committees as assigned in developing and updating policies and procedures for the region. I continued to perform the duties of Technical Manager outlined below for two HYCO sites within the Houston area. Due to restructuring, position eliminated with no other position available.

03/01 – 09/08 Technical Manager – Training and Safety
I was responsible for handling all aspects of the site’s Process Safety Management, Process Hazard Reviews, and training programs for the site’s fifty-six company personnel. I had seven contract people update the site’s Process Flow Diagrams and Piping and Instrument Diagrams. I was responsible for having the Operating Manuals reviewed and updated annually. I monitored and kept records of the site’s safety statistics. I had the site’s Environmental / Process Engineer and PSM Specialist reporting to me. Contract consulting firms were used to manage the various environmental reporting and safety equipment inspections for the group. I also had SHEQ support responsibilities for three sites in Alabama, two each in Ohio/South America, and one each in Illinois/Utah/ Washington. Several sites are TWIC, CFATS, and/or MTSA regulated sites and was the point contact for DHS and USCG issues.

01/99 – 03/01 Production Manager
I was responsible for all aspects of the day-to-day activities of the Syngas/ Methanol Process Units. Four Shift Supervisors and one Production Specialist reported directly to me as well as thirty-six hourly shift workers indirectly reported to me. The Syngas Unit is owned by the company, and the Methanol Unit is a joint venture between the company and LyondellBasell Chemicals (formerly Millennium Petrochemicals). Was responsible for preparing and following the plant operations budget, maintaining safety performance, reviewing job performances, ensuring environmental compliance, and other typical duties involved in managing a production facility.

10/97 - 01/99 Process Engineering Superintendent
I was responsible for directing the work of seven Process Engineers. Handled performance appraisals and budgeting. This department supported the daily production of an Acetic Acid, Syngas / Methanol, and Vinyl Acetate Monomer Unit; helped troubleshoot daily production problems; optimized yields; expanded throughput; and supported training for an overseas venture. The reduction in staffing and areas of responsibility was a direct result of a Joint Venture between Millennium Petrochemicals and Lyondell taking over operations of the Ethylene Unit, and a resulting realignment within Millennium combining the Process Controls group with the I&E group.

06/97 - 10/97 ISBL Production Superintendent – Syngas / Methanol Unit
I was responsible for the daily operations of the ISBL portion of the unit (Partial Oxidation, Syngas Quenching, Syngas Cooling, Rectisol, Cold Box areas) with a staff of one Assistant Superintendent, one Production Engineer, two Process Engineers, four Shift Supervisors, and twenty-four Operators. Handled review of daily operations, directed troubleshooting efforts that limited production, coordinated supply of Raw Materials (Natural Gas and Oxygen) with suppliers and Feedstock Group, coordinated production rates of purified Carbon Monoxide and Syngas to sister units (Acetic Acid and Methanol, respectively), coordinated daily Maintenance work through a Production Maintenance Planner, approved changes to plant operations via the MOC / PSM procedures, approved Operating Manual changes, and handled disciplinary actions for Operators.

03/96 - 10/97 Process / Process Control Superintendent - Chemicals
I was responsible for directing the work of nineteen Process Engineers and Process Control Engineers / Programmers. I also handled performance appraisals and budgeting. This department supported the daily production of an Ethylene, Syngas / Methanol, Acetic Acid, and Vinyl Acetate Monomer Unit; helped troubleshoot problems; optimized yields; expanded throughput; installed DCS systems; implemented advanced process controls; and modified the safety shut down systems.

01/96 - 01/97 Principle Design Process Engineer II / Production Representative – Syngas / Methanol Unit
I had the same duties as listed below. In addition, I was responsible for directing the acceptance of the contractor's work, commissioning activities, operator training, and start up activities.

10/94 - 01/96 Principle Design Process Engineer / Production Representative – Syngas / Methanol Unit
This position was responsible for the conceptual design for altering existing facilities to accept a new feedstock; changing operations of an existing operating plant to accommodate the new feedstock; and reviewing contract engineer detail design, calculations, and operating methodology. ...

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