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Michael A. Hayes, Jr.

Performance-driven technical professional with over five years of mechanical engineering experience. Expertise spans mechanical engineering, project management, mechanical systems, and project engineering. Leverage leadership acumen to plan, schedule, and execute a wide range of complex projects involving quality assurance, steam generator design, and external flood protection. Recognize the importance of performance, costs, and technical capabilities, as well as compliance with industry standards in all project phases from concept through completion. Notable success employing innovation and technical acumen to implement new design ideas, troubleshoot, and problem solve.

Conceptual/Detailed Design
Contractor Oversight
Project Planning/Management
Quality Assurance Policy/Implementation
Team/Group Leadership
Safety Standards/Practices
Relationship Management
Standard Operating Procedures
ASME III Accreditation

Tennessee Valley Authority – Sequoyah Nuclear Plant, Chattanooga, TN, 2010-Present
Nuclear Steam and Safety System Engineer (2013-Present)
Lead a high-performing team in executing engineering activities, and ensure compliance with rigorous organizational and industry standards as Senior Level Nuclear Steam and Safety System Engineer. Monitor performance in support of top plant activities. Play an instrumental role in the design process. Generate and interpret comprehensive reports documenting plant activities.
Key Accomplishments
=> Specify NSSS systems codes and standards to deliver nuclear safety and ensure environmental protection.
=> Hold accountability for the integrity and operation of the NSSS systems design.
=> Drive teams to meet project timelines and exceed targets.

External Flood Protection Program Engineer and Fukushima/FLEX Program Engineer (2013-Present)
Assess needs, devised plans, and executed flood protection and preparedness strategies to ensure safe operation.
Key Accomplishments
=> Employed expertise to review systems and components, ensuring design features and measures were effective in bolstering overall safety.
=> Participated in the design change process; reviewed design changes and other design decisions.

Member of the Watts Bar Nuclear Power Plant Dual Unit Operation Readiness Team (2013)
Worked in collaboration with the Watts Bar Nuclear Power Plant Dual Unit Operation Readiness Team to address core matters related to safety, quality, testing, cost and scheduling.
Key Accomplishments
=> Demonstrated technical expertise, strong leadership abilities and collaboration skills, which resulted in selection to serve on the Watts Bar Nuclear Power Plant Dual Unit Operation Readiness Team.
=> Played a part in Watts Bar Nuclear Power Plant Units 1 and 2 becoming a dual nuclear site.

Bellefonte Nuclear Power Plant (2010-2013)
Led team of contractors in developing the ASME Section III program phase of the project. Developed and implemented owner’s quality assurance manual and quality assurance manual.
Key Accomplishments
=> Served as a member of the Project Execution Plan Group charged with developing expectations and tracking the progress of the Bellefonte project.
=> Credited for key contributions to Bellefonte replacement steam generator design and serving as a memb...

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