Lynn, MA

Position Desired

Chemical Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Engineering Qualifications

•Foundational understanding of engineering principles with an interest in research or laboratory engineer positions.
•Two years of research and laboratory experience including work on microfluidic devices and use of electrochemistry techniques.
•Use of Matlab, LabView, and Microsoft Excel for data analysis, modeling, and instrument/process control.
•Ability to independently manage projects, gained via research experience in a collaborative multidisciplinary setting.
•Communication and oral presentation skills enhanced through teaching assistant positions, Toastmasters International, and weekly research group meetings.
•Fluent in Greek, proficient in conversational Spanish.

Chemical Engineering Education and Activities

University of Rochester Rochester, NY
Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering - with Distinction, 3.60 GPA Graduated May 2015
•American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE): Member and Student Mentor

Engineering Research Experience
University of Rochester Department of Chemical Engineering Rochester, NY

Research Assistant in Mukaibo Laboratory September 2013- May 2015
•The Mukaibo Laboratory is a multidisciplinary laboratory developing microneedles designed for applications such as biosensing, genetic engineering of microalgae by DNA injection, and other applications.
•Participated in a research project to examine the kinetics of microneedle electrodes with various geometries such as conical, pyramidal, and hollow.
•Select instruments and techniques: reactive-ion etching, potentiostat, metal plating, SEM, UV/VIS IR and NMR spectroscopy, fluorescent microscope, gas chromatography, spectrophotometry
•Participated in weekly research team meetings: discussed results, received feedback, gave feedback on other projects.

Xerox Engineering Research Fellows Program (Mukaibo Laboratory) May 2014- July 2014
•Worked full time on a research project to develop a microfluidic device achieving spatially controlled modification of microneedles by two-layer laminar flow; continued project as 4-credit independent study course throughout senior year.
•Worked on device design, fabrication, testing, analysis, and troubleshooting to make improvements.
•Collaborated with Professor Jiandi Wan’s microsystems engineering group from Rochester Institute of Technology.
•Presented findings at Xerox Engineering Research Fellows poster session.

Selected Labs and Courses

Chemical Processes Laboratory (Senior Design Project) September 2014- December 2014
•Capstone project working with Xerox Corp. to treat waste water from their toner development process.
•Worked w...

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