Tucson, AZ

Position Desired

Systems Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Available immediately, Able to Relocate, Active Clearance, PMP
My resume details leadership, process engineering, customer support and New Product Introduction roles in both large/small and

(start-up) companies across multiple industries with experience in advanced technology, innovation, and business development.
Roles required collaboration in Matrix and unstructured organizations across all facets including Manufacturing,

Operations/facilities, and customer support serving as a primary point of representation and liaison along with management

oversight and personnel supervision in multiple shift and 24/7 operations.
Manufacturing experience includes process engineering for PCB fabrication and assembly (lamination, wet process, etch, drill, and

Systems Engineering, Integration and Test (SEIT) to Specify, architect, analyze, establish flowdown, verify designs, tests and

complex engineering tasks in electrical, mechanical, optical, software, and hardware components with responsibility for Test and

Integration Plans, SOW, BOE, ROM, and Test Position Manuals both commercial and defense with IBM, Nortel, Redline, Rockwell

Collins, Raytheon and simulation and training with Air Force contractor Cymstar.

Support of Contract Data Requirements Lists CDRLs artifacts for quality before submission to the Government with Rockwell Collins

and Raytheon. Experience with Cost, Performance, and Schedule requirements for Test and Test Equipment Procurement with both

Rockwell and Raytheon. PMP. Project management using Project milestones, inch-stones, best practices, and lessons learned.
Interface with DCMA for sell-off (DD250) of test equipment. Worked with subcontracts, and legal for pricing, royalties of new

products and software. Responded to RFP/RFI requests with Nortel, Redline and Rockwell Collins. Vendor management for design, sub-

assemblies, test, and integration. Able to assist with testing using experience in design, development, integration and Beta

testing with IBM, Nortel, Redline, Rockwell, and Raytheon. On/off boarding of personnel while building development teams at start-

ups. Training manufacturing personnel for new product production including vendors and subcontractors.

Projects in RF, secure systems, optics to include calibration, and mechanical/electrical systems with Red/Blk

partition/Homologation and Middleware messaging.
Special Test Equipment, RF (AEGIS) testing, Automated Test Equipment (ATE), development of drawings and schematics, and procurement

of hardware and software with FAR requirements.
Utilization of RTCA D0-160C/D, D0-178B, D0-254 Airborne Equipment Hardware, Software, and Environmental specifications. AEGIS

testing experience. Fiber based laser development for seeker test equipment to include radiometric measurement design for test.

Specifying and qualifying VoCoders, Echo Cancellers, and other voice quality components including 2G, 3G, 4G, GSM, Optical, TDM,

CDMA, WiMax data networking with multiple vendor equipment.
Nortel positions included voice quality, converged networks and end to end integration for SONET (OC-48, OC-192) VoIP, Network

Management System (NMS), carrier switches, and transport systems for metro, long haul, backhaul and DWDM. Telecom experience

includes access protocols, MPLS and Professional Services.

I welcome an opportunity to speak with you and am able to provide references from Operations and Manufacturing Managers for my

leadership abilities and experience delivering products and services that meet customer expectations. Best regards,

* Project Manager/Team Lead with broad based system design and multisite development background
* Startup and international experience in Commercial and Military Aerospace, Defense, and Telecommunications 2G, 3G, and 4G.
* Process Engineering, OEM integration, New Product Introduction (NPI), Product Life Cycle Management
* RFI/RFP Pre/post-sales support for optical, RF, Converged access networks and Software Defined Radio.
* Delivered qualified homologated products using environmental standards, Systems Engineering, Integration and Test (SEIT), CMMI

and Agile/Scrum processes (RTCA DO-160 C/D, DO-178B, DO-254 UL, CSA, TUV)
* Active Clearance, PMP, R6 Sigma Qualified, EVM Fundamentals
* Awards for Innovation, Process Improvement, Team Leadership and Field Support
Cymstar- Simulation and Training Systems 2014-Present
Combat Air Force (CAF) Distributed Missions Operations (DMO) - Lead Engineer (Contract)
* Represent the Interface, Integration Process, and Federate System Performance for A10C platform.
* Provide Virtual- constructive standards based simulation (DIS, EW) for CSAR, CAS, JTAC training.
Raytheon Missile and Space Systems 2009-2013
Senior Principal Systems Engineer- Technical Lead
* Designed, Developed, Delivered, and Supported Electronic Test Equipment for Missile Production using engineering processes such

as PDR and CDR
* Small Diameter Bomb ( SDB-II) communication interface specifications for test
* Pave way GPS/INS and Laser test station development and upgrades.
* IPT Lead development for MALD RF Decoy, RF Jammer, GPS Inertial Navigation and Fuel Station upgrade for production and

verification of Squib and Flight Safety Software (DD250) 2009-2011
* Sub-IPT Lead Paveway. Developed Optical Radiometer and fiber based Laser upgrade to improve energy on seeker increasing missile

range. Included software and Health Hazard Analysis/review for Laser Safety. Paveway Production and Field support for GPS and INS

* Achievement Award Test Equipment Field Support 2012
* Sub-IPT Lead SM-3 Missile Guidance Special Test Equipment including, Aegis RF test using oscilloscope, power meter, spectrum

analyzer on the station to improve attenuation measurements. Clean Room Class7/8 and Laser safety certified for test and support of

Guidance Systems Production. Vibration, Thermal, and Cryogenic chamber testing. Guidance Test Equipment delivered,(DD250, DCMA),

2013 Included participation in Failure Review Boards and configuration management for Hardware and Software
* Team Achievement Award Space Systems 2013
* Individual Contributor for Data Distribution Service (DDS) utilization presentation delivered to Corporate Software Council with

follow up R6 Sigma project for Corporate Collaboration of DDS
Rockwell Collins 2005-2009
Principal Systems Engineer-International Software Defined Radio (ISDR)
* Supported New Business Initiatives/Engineering/Marketing for Bids and Proposals of Air/Ground, Maritime, and Fixed Site Solutions
* Lead Innovator for SCA Wavefo...

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