Columbus, OH

Position Desired

Chemical Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.




Seeking an early career chemical engineering position involving chemical processing, mass and energy transfer, reaction engineering, separation and purification systems, process controls, scale-up, and risk assessments


The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH Expected Graduation: May, 2016
B.S. Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Overall GPA: 3.76 / 4.00


Air Force Research Laboratory (40 hr/wk) Dayton, OH May 2013-Aug 2015
R&D Nanomaterial Engineer
• Developed a gold nanoparticle chemical sensor for detecting heavy metal toxins in the air after airplane maintenance
• Engineered gold nanoparticles (NPs) via chemical reduction to enhance NPs physical properties for design specifications
• Operated the following lab instruments: UV-Vis Near InfraRed analysis, TEM imaging, DLS, and ICP-Mass Spectrometry
• Purified NPs by centrifugation and coated NPs with a thiolated polymer, Poly-Ethylene Glycol (PEG), to stabilize NPs
• Presented 3 technical papers & posters (i.e. Fine-Tuning Synthesis of Low Aspect Ratio GNRs via Silver Nitrate Addition)

OSU Chemical Eng. Unit Operations Lab (15 hr/wk) Columbus, OH Jan-May 2015
Project Manager of OSU Distillation Column
• Assembled a $1.5 M, 13 tray distillation column containing 300+ individual parts that were stripped, cleaned, and reassembled to successfully produce distillation of an ethanol-water solution – Project performed with 2 Ph.D. students
• Designed, implemented, and automated liquid-liquid extraction (LL-E) column: designed a flow diagram for piping & instrumentation (P&I) in ChemCAD software, pump sizing, and budgeted 25+ parts for the assembly of a LL-E column

Tec^Edge, Wright Brothers Institute (40 hr/wk) Dayton, OH May-Aug 2012
Android Application Developer: Circuitry Team
• Programmed Android application allowing users to interface with a network of sensors connected to an Arduino chip
• Preformed testing and calibrations for various chemical and environmental sensors such as propane, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, wind, light intensity, radiation, and breathalyzer; Recorded sensor data sent to an Arduino chip
• Produced bi-weekly technical summaries documenting my sensor project progress and created project overview videos...

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