Tabernacle, NJ

Position Desired

Chemical Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.



Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
New Brunswick, New Jersey
B.S. Chemical Engineering
Minor: Economics


Methane Partial Oxidation to Produce Acetic Acid and Electricity
- Simulated the purification of 2,000 tonnes per day of raw natural gas into high purity methane.
- Performed an energy balance on the plant that showed a net power output of 130 MW.
- The model indicated a production level of 1,008 kilomoles per hour of 98% purity acetic acid.
- Determined the amount of time needed to reach a 15% rate of return was 16 years.

Distillation Process Control Fall 2014
- Operated an eight stage, batch distillation column using software to control the reflux ratio and distillate temperature in an effort to maintain constant product composition.

Batch Reactor Reaction Rate Fall 2014
- Confirmed, experimentally, the reaction order and rate constant for the de-esterification of ethyl benzoate.

Hydrocarbon Separation Plant Spring 2014
- Designed a five tower hydrocarbon distillation plant to separate five products in high purity.
- Manipulated tower sizing specifications to optimize cost for a given production quantity.

Utilization of Waste Energy via Absorption Cycle Fall 2013
- Proposed a theoretical model that suggests an increase in power plant production efficiency by ~10%.
- Gained knowledge of working fluid properties in bubble absorbers.

Viability of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) Summer 2013
- Calculated the required flow rates of sea water to net a power output of 100 megawatts.
- Estimated the costs required to build the plant and determined they were too high to be viable at that time.


Working knowledge of the following software:
- Microsoft Office
- Aspen Plus
- MATLAB/Simulink
- Polymath

Relevant coursework:
- Process Engineering Lab (Two semesters) – Gained experience working with various lab equipment

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