Senior Software Engineer

San Rafael, CA

Position Desired

Software Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.



• 14+ years’ progressive technical experience developing enterprise deployment solutions.
• Expert in Windows Installer (MSI) development and intricacies.
• 5+ years’ experience developing applications and custom actions in C#, C/C++, or Python.
• Focused on increasing product stability and on streamlining team and customer effort.
• Excellent communication, documentation, organizational, and problem-solving skills.

SENIOR INSTALLER ENGINEER (Consultant) – VC Funded Startup, San Francisco, CA, 12/2013 – 3/2015
• Enhanced Advanced Installer installer to learn why it was not completing for 98% of customers.
• Developed multi-process and multi-threaded applications and custom actions in C#.
• Wrote code to automatically upload installation log files to web server.
• Wrote code to steal window focus to bring .NET installer’s UAC taskbar prompt to the foreground.
• Code does not require elevation, supports Windows XP through Windows 8.1.
• Wrote library in C# for handling processes, types, files, and windows, for detecting Windows Secure Desktop states, and for determining installed versions of .NET and Microsoft Office.
• Worked remotely.

SR. INSTALLER AND BUILD ENGINEER (Consultant) – Mid-Sized Co., Bay Area, CA, 4/2013 – 3/2014
• Wrote 2 new client installers; moved legacy installer from Wise Installer to WiX, Burn, and C#.
• Moved company from Wise Installer to WiX.
• Recreated complex legacy build machine with no available documentation. Converted to TFS.
• Worked remotely.

SR. INSTALLER ENGINEER (Consultant) – Government contractor, Bay Area, CA, 6/2012 – 6/2013
• Wrote enterprise-level server installer for government emergency mass-notification software.
• Identified and documented over 250 functional requirements. Wrote 35,000-word specification.
• Moved company from WiX to InstallShield.
• Wrote data-driven action with custom MSI tables to send to and retrieve values from SQL Server.
• Implemented custom actions in C# using WiX Deployment Tools Foundation.
• Determined level of effort and timeline for implementation. Implemented requested features.
• Worked remotely.

SR. INSTALLER AND BUILD ENGINEER (Consultant) – Fortune 1000 Company, Bay Area, CA 1/2010 – 4/2011
• Wrote installer for client-server product using InstallShield 2010 and 2011.
• Automated remote installation and upgrade of client software.
• Automated build. Migrated scripts to TFS 2010 workflow build. Wrote custom TFS build activities.
• Installed and administered multi-server TFS installation.
• Moved VSS repository to TFS. Identified method for converting TFS to Subversion and Perforce.
• Automated TFS and SQL 2008 backup creation, retention policy, and restoration in C# and SQL.
• Evaluated solutions for software licensing and e-delivery.
• Implemented Reprise RLM licensing in C# client application.
• Determined requirements, wrote marketing, functional, and design specification documents.
• Identified and documented 85 functional requirements. Wrote 15,000-word specification.
• Worked remotely.

SR. INSTALLER ENGINEER 4 (Employee) – Fortune 100 Company, Bay Area, CA, 1/2007 – 11/2009
• Directed 12 level 1-3 engineers with two other level 4 engineers.
• Designed an automated, distributed validation system to reduce installer defects.
• Enhanced, maintained, and deployed 2 installer update services, 1 in ASP.NET/C# and 1 in C++.
• Created MSI installers for products installed in 300 hospitals on 5,000 Windows 2000/2003 servers and 50,000 Windows 2000/XP/Vista clients.
• Designed automatic patch creation for 4GB installer.
• Developed custom solutions for IIS 6, virtual directories, and certificate management.
• Defined and implemented custom Power User install policy. Enabled using private assemblies.
• Worked with Marketing, QE, Regulatory, and other teams to define product requirements.
• Documented client and server installer requirements for internal and regulatory review.

SR. INSTALLER ENGINEER (Consultant) – Consulting Firm, Los Angeles Area, CA 6/2001 – 6/2006

Fortune 100 Company, Bay Area, CA
• Installer automation lead. Delegated assignment...

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