Chicago, IL

Position Desired

Chemical Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.



University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, B.S. Chemical Engineering May 2015
GPA 3.13/4.0

Group Projects

Acrylic Acid Production Facility
The project was to design a plant facility for the steady state production acrylic acid over a 15 year cycle
The overall process itself needed to be determined as well as coolants and catalysts used in the system
Each individual unit operation was optimized within safety standards
The process was modeled using Chem Cad software
The economic analysis was performed over every aspect of the process such as cost of each unit op, feedstocks, and waste disposal

Acetylated Castor Oil Reactor
The project was to optimize the production of drying oil and minimize the production of an undesired production
Variables such as flowrates, pressure, volume, and temperature of a reactor were calculated

Distillation Tower Simulation
The project was to create a program that models a distillation tower of an ethanol and water system
After taking user input information such as number of feed trays, reflux ratio, number of stages the program was to show the compositions of the distillate and the bottoms stream
The program was written in Matlab

Work Experience

Bosch, Temporary Employee
Wrote reports based on customers and high profile targets.

Divvy, Intern
Assisted with a start up of a bike share company launch
Assembled plates/kiosks and assisted on their deployment. Performed accounting duties if needed

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