Sewickley, PA

Position Desired

Industrial Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Robert Morris University, Moon Township, PA
B.S. in Manufacturing Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering GPA: 3.67/4.00
B.S. in Engineering - Concentration in Industrial Engineering
Engineering - Concentration in Industrial Engineering GPA: 3.67/4.00

Relevant Course Work
Device Control, Spring 2014
Tasked to become an expert on a subject and teached a lesson on the learned subject. Learned how to use Allen Bradley PLC’s and relays. Learned how to develop and apply learned logic into real world situations.
Simulation, Spring 2014
Learned the basics of Rockwell Arena Simulation software. Applied this knowledge into visualizing real world problems. Used visualizations to determine new solutions.
Optimization, Fall 2013
Developed ways to optimize systems for maximum efficiency using Microsoft Excel. Developed skill of paying attention to detail in order to grasp the full scope of problems.
Rapid Prototyping, Fall 2013
Given brief introduction into the history and application of a variety of manufacturing processes. Specifically, Injection Molding, Powder Metallurgy, CNC Machining, and 3D Printing. Was required to demonstrate knowledge of these processes by demonstrating them in various assignments.
Value Design, Spring 2013
Learned the financial effects of operations and processes. Developed skills for optimizing cost performance of new and existing purchases.

Processes: CNC Machining, RTV Molding, Injection Molding, Powder Metallurgy, 3D Printing (SLS, FDM, SLA), Gas Metal Arc Welding
Software: AutoCAD, Solidworks, Minitab, Labview, Rockwell Arena, Multisim
Programming Languages: NC Code, C++, HTML, SQL (Ongoing)
Additional Software: Microsoft Office Suite
Miscellaneous Qualifications: Lean Manufacturing, Root Analysis, Lean Manufacturing Six Sigma Green Belt Certification (Ongoing), Spanish (Ongoing)

Socio-Economic Impact of 3D Printing Paper, Spring 2014 – Summer 2014
Wrote a paper outline key issues in the future of 3D-Printing. Developed my technical writing and knowledge of certain manufacturing processes over the course of writing the paper. Told that certain parts of the final paper would be combined with other contributions and published.
US Steel Corporation, IED Project, Spring 2014
Part of a 7-member team designing a mechanized quality assurance scrapper for galvanized steel using Solidworks to model the proposed design. Aided in design and building of a prototype brush to simulate the group’s automated design. Performed cost analysis to determine if design would be feasible towards the stated goals. Gained experience into how company’s run and operate their projects.

Collapsible Test Tube Rack Project, Spring 2014
Used conceptual design practices to generate concept for a collapsible test tube rack. Created hand drawn and computer aided designs. Produced rack using 3D printing and tested its use under normal conditions. Gained experience by utilizing manufacturing processes cultivated in class in an extracurricular project.
RMU Shuttle Simulation, Spring 2014
Evaluated and produced the current process flow of the shuttle system, utilizing Rockwell Arena. Produced a model that implemented an alternative process to improve the direction of flow and flow rate of the system. Was challenged to develop my written communication skills and my ability to communicate through producing a presentation and report.
Health and Safety Plan, Spring 2014
Produced 35 page plan that outlined the legal guidelines, equipment and appliance procedures, and emergency action plans. Used...

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