Florence, SC

Position Desired

Mechanical Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Personal Profile:

I am a passionate Senior Mechanical Engineer at GE with a proven track record (9+ Years) in project management, program technical leadership, analysis, testing, design, and process development. I am self-driven, self-reliant and I relish the challenge of problem solving. I understand the importance of assertiveness and challenging the status quo.

Major Skills:

• Able to drive complex technology development projects from concept to reality.
• Comfortable leading a team of engineers/physicists/technicians through every day technical grind.
• Capable of producing innovative solutions in a fast paced intense environment with minimal supervision. Have 14+ patents and trades secrets within GE realm.
• Excellent interpersonal skills. Enjoy mentoring junior engineers and other colleagues.
• Not hesitant to be hands on. Proficient in CAD, FEA packages such as CreO and Ansys. Able to perform complex structural/thermal analysis. Capable of toggling between technical leadership mode and individual contributor mode as and when situation demands.
• Relentless and innovative approach to my everyday work puts me within top 10% of GE employees.
• Proven track record of cost analysis, cost reduction, budget planning and personal management.

2008-Present: GE Healthcare (5 years in USA, 2 in UK)
Started working at GE Healthcare Oxford UK, transferred to USA after 2 years in UK.

Product Definition: A gradient coil is a major subcomponent in MRI full body scanners with over $100 million install base globally. A gradient coil creates gradation of magnetic field inside a superconductive magnet. The biggest mechanical challenge for a gradient coil is mechanical vibration (in some cases 450g+ at certain frequencies) and its desired capability to remove several kW of heat. It is a resin, G10 and copper based composite structure. The assembly consists of 150+ unique parts.
Different roles within GE Healthcare:

Present: Senior Engineer / Project Manager (GE Healthcare Florence, SC)
• Currently driving a 1.5 million material dollar advanced technology development program designed for luminary MR sites. Leading a team comprised of 7 full-time, 14 part-time members.
• Leading Mechanical Design effort for GE premium gradient coil portfolio. Providing technical leadership to a team of engineers, designers, and physicists. Fulfilling my role as senior engineer alongside with project management responsibilities.

Lead Mechanical Engineer. (GE Healthcare Florence, SC):
• Structural/Thermal Lead for Gradient Coil: Overall ownership of gradient coil structural and thermal management. Conducted thermal modeling at component and system level to meet temperature, heat dissipation requirements.
• Designed heat exchangers and established pump requirements. Conducted thermal test using IR camera and various other instrumentation techniques. Developed detailed structural vibration & fatigue analysis/test methodology at full coil and subcomponent level.
• NPI Test and Analysis Lead: Lead all mechanical/electromagnetic testing effort on of the current and past Gradient NPI. Testing involves thermal, vibration, acoustic EM data acquisition, gradient interaction with superconductive magnet and eddy current effect.
• Driving all thermal and structural analysis using Ansys Multiphysics. Driving EM shaker table subcomponent level test using random on random and frequency dwell profiles based on product data acquisition.
• Interface development between magnet and gradient coil. i,e. coaxial busbar, mounting wedges, acoustics barriers etc.
• Advanced process development such as induction braze joints for Gradient. ..
• Write DRF/VRF, Validation, Verification test plan document.
• Conduct field failure root cause investigation and work out potential solutions.
• Drive technical design reviews.
• Support/Lead product design transfer process between multiple regions involving everyday communication with colleagues from Japan, China and Mexico.

Mechanical Engineer (GE Healthcare Oxford UK)

• Successfully drove global gradient reliability.
• Effectively managed design, planning and execution of all future gradient’s full coil/subcomponent level testing and analysis. Subcomponent level test includes electro magnetic shaker table, environmental chambers, hydraulic pressure tests, fatigue testing etc. Overall ownership of all HALT, HAST and HASS testing for gradient coil.
• Performed static and dynamic analysis of different components using Ansys Multiphysics.
• Developed processes and suppliers to facilitate non-destructive/destructive testing to ensure product quality. (X-Ray- CT scans, microscopic metallurgical analysis etc).
• Reliability performance monitoring for entire gradient coil portfolio.
• Reliability prediction of all existing/future gradient coils using standard tools such as Weibull, Blocksim, ALTA7. B10 prediction with relevant confidence bound.
• Driving of all root cause analysis for all failed gradient coils.
• Ensuring successful implementation of all design/process updates for all potential/existing failure modes.
• Use of internal database to gather all failure and install base information.
• Established human network to verify failure data and early diagnosis.
• Provided on site support to field engineers as a part of field product replacement and root cause investigation process. ...

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