New York, NY

Position Desired

Computer Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


BE, Computer Engineering, The City College of New York, May 2015 GPA: 3.447

Digital Integrated Circuits, Computer Engineering Lab, Engineering Economics, EE Lab 2, Software Engineering, Computer Organization Lab, Operating Systems, Assembly Language, Algorithms, Software Design Lab, Electromagnetics, Probability and Statistics, Intro Antennas Microwaves and Fiber Optics, Linear Systems, Communication Theory

Design Software: Electric, LTSpice, Visual Studio, Android Studio, Quartus II, ModelSim, MS Office
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Mac
Hardware: Breadboard, Cyclone IV, PIC18F4520 Microcontroller
Programming Languages: C++, C#, Assembly, Java, Matlab, VHDL, Visual Basic (VB)
Key Skills: Highly Organized, Quick Learner, Experienced in Group Projects, Excellent Leadership and Communication, Solution-Focused
Core Qualities: Adaptable, Calm, Determined, Hard-Working
Languages: Fluent in Spanish

Radius Connect: Served as leader of a 3 person team to create an android application that would connect the visually impaired to their closest friends and family using their location. The application would notify the user once they were in close proximity to each other. As part of a team, I was responsible for obtaining the approximate location of the user, updating the database, and creating a map view to see the locations of the other users. We were able to implement most of the functions that we had planned. (Spring 2015)

Multiplexer: Served as leader of a 2 person team, we were tasked to design, layout, and test an eight to one multiplexer using CMOS transistors in the design software Electric. The multiplexer can be broken down into three smaller parts, AND gates, OR gates, and an inverter gate. After designing the three components, they were put together for the multiplexer and tested. The eight to one multiplexer functioned...

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