Chesapeake, VA

Position Desired

Nuclear Engineering
Long Island, NY


Nuclear engineer with over 2 years of professional experience developing technical instructions and providing deckplate support for Nimitz-class nuclear aircraft carrier refuelings. Possesses a BS in Nuclear Engineering.

Seeking opportunities in project, nuclear, or mechanical engineering on Long Island, NY.

Newport News Shipbuilding, a Division of Huntington Ingalls Industries, Newport News, VA
Nuclear Project Engineer, June 2013 – Present
* Team lead on reuse component refurbishment, utilizing a cradle to grave ownership approach to engineer the job.
* Develop technical instructions to accomplish various A4W reactor servicing operations with respect to technical, radiological, cleanliness, and quality requirements
* Provide continuing deckplate support during the various operations by observing operations and constantly communicating with the Reactor Prime Contractor, Radiological Engineering, Quality Control, Production, and the Tradesmen on questions and concerns regarding the operation
* Performed planning for the next Nimitz-class refueling based on the prior ship’s refueling and revised technical, radiological, cleanliness, and quality requirements

Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls, ID & Troy, NY
Nuclear Engineering Intern, June 2012 – May 2013
* Developed a code to couple MCNP calculated flux multiplier cross sections to the depletion code MRTAU via a python script
* Benchmarked the developed code against the Advanced Test Reactor’s experimental results for the AFIP fuel irradiation tests

Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls, ID
Nuclear Engineering Intern, June 2011 – August 2011
* Performed a technology characterization for High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactors to determine their feasibility for the next generation of commercial nuclear power

* U.S. Department of Defense Confidential Clearance
* NAVSEA 0989-062-4000 Nuclear Engineer
* NAVSEA 389-0288 Article 1...

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