Harveys Lake, PA

Position Desired

Chemical Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


EDUCATION _____________________
Bachelor of Science Chemical Engineering (Minor in Chemistry) GPA: 3.0 May 2015
Widener University Chester, Pa
Highlighted Course Work:
-Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics -Process Design I& II -Controls
- Chemical Engineering Reactions -Fundamentals of Engineering Materials and Design

Microsoft Office, C++, Spartan, Mathematica, PSpice, NMR, IR spectroscopy, Aspen, Matlab

• Senior Research- Mathematical Modeling of a Protein Crystallizer- Researched behavior of Protein and their crystalline structure. This research was done to be able to predict protein crystalline shape in different cooling temperatures, given known differential formulas for solubility, concentration, volume, etc.
• Junior Research- Conditions of Distillation Columns – Extensive lab work done to test varying conditions with distillation columns. The main objective being to prove the chemical thermodynamics of a distillation column.
2015- North Slope Brewing Company (Brewer)
• Assisted in finding absorption rates for the mash or wort.
o The amount of water used to make the initial brew corresponds to the amount of grain used. To make the best quality beer, the perfect amount of water is needed. The general idea is to saturate the grains to extract the right amount of flavor and sugar to make a beer that is flavorful and still has good alcohol content.
• Used basic chemistry to assist brew master such as, finding total amount of water needed for an exact temperature change
o Due to rudimentary equipment, super heated water is added via a hose. The flow and temperature is measured and then amount of energy needed to be added is calculated for the desired temperature change. The energy is then converted into amount of water at the given temperature to achieve the desired temperature of the mash,
• Worked with advanced equipment and controls. For example, kettles, boilers and fermentation vats
2011-2015 Assistant to Athletic Trainer
• Maintained the trainer’s room by restocking tape, changing disinfecting solution for surgical tools and maintenance on hydroculators and hot and cold tubs
• Worked various sporting events such as, lacrosse, football and basketball games. With an emphasis on assisting players who are in need of ice due to injury.
2013-2015 Widener University Student Athlete Activity Committee (President)
• Facilitated a freshman student athlete orientation to help incoming freshman athletes understand the commitment and the differences to being a student athlete.
o This included making the athle...

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