Houston, TX

Position Desired

Computer Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Jisha Varghese Koshy
To acquire an entry-level opportunity in the field of computer engineering and implement the expertise and experience in this field in order to develop complex projects with quality and efficiency.

 Understanding of Quality Assurance Life Cycle and Software Development Cycle.
 Basic knowledge in automated test tools.
 Basic knowledge about testing and validating proper software behavior.
 Intermediate experience in programming languages such as C and Java.
Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering
University of Houston, Texas May 2015

Associate of Science in Mathematics
San Jacinto Community College, Pasadena Texas
December 2010

 Lego Project: Played an important role as the team leader. Designed a robot to distinguish between red and blue ball using Legos, ultrasonic sensor, and color sensor. Programmed the robot using java program and tested for picking up the right color ball. The robot is able to distinguish between red and blue ball, and also able to pick up the right colored ball. Gained a good hand on experience on robotics and get a good practice on designing latest robots.
 Wireless Home Intrusion System: Played a role as sensor engineer in the team. Designed a low cost wireless home security system. System that has an alarm and gives email notifications when a security breach occurs. Magnetic and vibration sensors in the system ensured quick response in the event of a breach. Focused on hardware and software design, Bluetooth Stack protocols, wireless communication, and real-time system control.

 Programming Languages: C, Java , MATLAB, Visual Basic
 Publishing Language: HTML and JavaScript
 Application Software: Microsoft Office and MATLAB
 Operation Systems: Windows
 Soft Skills: Communications, teamwork, result-oriented, problem-solving

University of Houston Clear Lake, Houston, TX, August 2013-May 2015
Computing Lab Assistant

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