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Chemical Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Mobile: 713-471-7157

Bachelor in Chemical Engineering December 2014
Prairie View A&M University, Prairie View, TX
Major GPA: 3.58
Associate Degree in Science/Engineering May 2010
Houston Community College, Houston, TX
GPA: 3.26

Business Technology Analyst
May 2015 - Present

ACCENTURE, Arlington, VA
•Drafting use cases that demonstrated functional requirements .Createing and maintained weekly status reports.
•Preparing and participated in client-facing presentations.Drafting and organizing work products and deliverables for the client.
•Assisting in the design and integration of a major application with existing systems.
•Analyzing, designing, code and test code across multiple clients.
•Performing maintenance, enhancements and development work. Assisting with the development, delivery and management of technology-based enterprise solutions.

Process Design Engineer Jan 2015 – May 2015
SORAZ Oil Refinery Zinger, Niger

•Reviewed requests for projects, precise requirements, initial and final drawings. Development of basic process design specifications and provided oversight of engineering contractor's technical deliverables during the front end design or detailed engineering phases of projects.
•Development of heat and material balances, design flow plans, process equipment design, piping, preliminary hydraulic balances, utility balances, basic process control and instrumentation, materials selection, safety facilities.
•Provided technical oversight for engineering contractor's work during front end engineering and design (FEED) or detailed engineering to ensure consistency with company methods and standards, and project specifications
•Made the design engineering of the wash water line connection to the CDU overhead condenser.
•Proposed a technical-economic evaluation of design options for the refinery spent caustic treatment plant. 
Wrote the engineering design procedure, vendor design procedure, and technical review procedure.Ensured that the installed analyzers are contributing to safe, environmentally sound, reliable, and profitable operations.
•Implemented a study of 20,000 bpd fuel oil transport using a gasoline pipeline, 22 km.

Research Assistant January 2012 – December 2014
Prairie View A&M University, TX

•Chemical methods for enhanced oil recovery. Designed an inexpensive surfactant-polymer mixture that can produce over 90% of the oil remaining. Used UTCHEM software programming to simulate the experiments. Analyzed and communicated ongoing research performance.
•Coordinating engineering samples for laboratory analyses. Developped test protocols on surfactant-polymers.
•Retrieved and managed engineering data that will help to increase the efficiency of oil and gas production.

Full-Time Maintenance Assistant January 2008 – October 2014
The Warwick Towers, Houston, TX

•Re-pressurized and monitored the chiller-boilers system. Inspected hot and cooling water temperatures to ensure that all floors have optimal conditions. Checked electric power generator for maintenance. Preventive maintenance
•Assisted the supervisor in day-to-day tasks and monitor the fire alarm control panel and patrol the perimeter of the building. Documented all activities in the daily officer report book .Provided directions and trained new employees.

Flow Assurance Engineer Intern
May 2014 - August 2014
African Center for Economic Transformation-Ghana

•Participated in research help African governments manage the complex world of natural resources. Optimized the reservoir depletion and reserve management.
•Reported all flow assurance issues to the Consulting Manager. Ensured compliance during the critical phase of the well development program
•Ensured the flow of oil and gas from the reservoir through the flow lines and risers to the downstream processing facilities
•Worked with Niger Ministry of Energy and Petroleum to identify and design relevant case studies to support the production of oil, gas and mineral resources by delivering an Integrated Production Modeling and Production Optimization guidelines that increased the production capacity to 25000 bpd.

Process Engineer Intern May 2013 - Aug 2013
SORAZ Oil Ref...

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