USAF Veteran

New York City, NY

Position Desired

Administrative & Clerical, Finance, Human Resources, IT/Computer, Legal, Management, Other, Software Developer/Programmer
New York City, NY



Over five years of military experience in the aviation calibration and repair field. Advance knowledge and use of technical publications, schematics, testing manuals, instrument calibration procedures and instruction manuals. Extensive experience in researching and procurement of replacement parts. Responsible and disciplined with an outstanding work ethic. Ability to work well with others as well as work well under pressure. Awarded the United States Air Force good conduct medal for three years of outstanding service.

Technical Expertise
Data Basing Spread Sheets Cost Analysis
Statistical Analysis Presentations Executive Presentation
Records Keeping Customer Service Formal Writing
Programming Computer Skills Supervisor

Formal Trainer Management Section Management

Work History

Calibration Technician at Tool Testing Lab / USAF Reserves 2017 – present
• Primarily RF Electronics, Avionics, and Electronics test equipment technician: calibrate, repair, troubleshoot
• Revamped the company process to be more streamlined and efficient generating in excess of 20% revenue compared to previous year during same months
• Made several recommendations to improve calibration scope and adherence to applicable ATSO specifications.
• Calibrated over $180,000 in test equipment in less than one year’s time w/ +90% Quality Rate
• Primary trainer in RF Electronics, and Electronics

USAF Reserves/Our Voice Initiative 2016 – 2017
• Designed and implemented an Air Force wide randomized testing module to be used for all 130+ AFSC’s for the USAF
• Integral in the consolidation of 15 additional units and 1,000+ personnel during the 445th AW merger with the 655 ISG
• Performed over 1,000 personnel actions in a 4 months’ time period directly contributing to the 97% quality rate of the unit
• Organized over 30 personnel to grow a non-profit organization that helps young people educate themselves in civic duties
• Developed a team and lead to the creation of a phone application
• Implemented a marketing plan to fundraise money from across the country and have to date raised over $7,000 in small dollar contributions in under 1 month of activities
• Interviewed by several major Independent News Networks and prominent journalists on activities and successes

Calibration Technician at SIMCO Electronics/ USAF Reserves 2015 – 2016
• Performed over 2,000 calibrations in a 4 month time span, with 90%+ quality pass rate.
• Trained in several areas, and became the head technician for the BAE customer, a military customer
• Commander Support Staff, responsible for 2nd highest tier of organization programs for the 445th MXG
• Organized, and streamlined major program changes effecting over 1900 personnel throughout the 445th AW
• Military technical school training, Military Professional Education, and Skill Level training accomplished in record time
• Extensive knowledge with Microsoft: Access, Excel, One Note, Word, and Outlook functions and Adobe Acrobat
• Promotion to E5 in the USAF within 2 months of accomplishing Technical Training in Personnel

Unit Deployment Manager 2014 – 2015
• Accumulated 6 credit hours of college level education towards a BA in Computer Science
• Selected for UDM duties for superior conduct and work ethic, maintained flawless deployment rating for 100+ deployers, revamped tracking system during squadron merger, and streamlined annual reviews for over 600 personnel improving efficiency, and traceability of personnel
• Zero non conformities during Annual Audit, as well as in-house inspections on 3 main programs of responsibility
• Improved reporting capabilities of deployers, deployments and Unit Health Monitors
• Lead deployment briefings and commanders briefings of deployment related activities
• Received “Clearly Exceeds” rating on EPR for exemplary performance during tenure as a UDM

Calibration Technician Little Rock AFB, Arkansas 2012 – 2014
• Experienced lead calibration technician for 2 years, primarily in the RF, High Frequency area for advanced systems including Spectrum Analyzers, and SSB Phase Noise systems
• Implemented new format for initial calibrations, customer involvement in the lab, and improved equipment turn over 50%

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